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Common probie mistakes and how to prevent them.

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This might be a good topic. Thanks for deleting the other one without getting offended.
Those of us who spend a lot of time here really appreciate it.

My $0.02 - the most common rookie mistake is assuming that the fire academy teaches you how to be a firefighter. The fire academy teaches you how to survive under controlled circumstances and in a large group.

The fireground, your officers, and the senior firefighters with whom you work will teach you to be a firefighter...
If, and only if you are teachable and capable of doing the job.

Good luck.
Probies need to learn the "up" rules......"Show up.....Keep up.....and shut up." Not to make it sound mean but if you think about it thats what you need as a probie...Your Department won't expect a lot from you...this is your learning phase...ask questions...BUT at the appropriate time and place...remember even as a probie you represent your Department....Stay safe...Keep the Faith..............Paul
Sure thing. Never thought to look up a previous discussion, thx
Paul sums it up well. The most important thing a probie should do is listen very carefully before acting or responding. Be humble and be patient. Many departments in this area keep a rookie on probation for one year. For some that may not be long enough.
I'm probably going to hate myself for this, but if you read posts by Jrs./Explores, you will get a good idea of what not to do/think. This is a hyperbole of their posts. Some of the more mature one do realize that their experience level is not on par with a Chief's.
I was waiting for this response. Jay.
I like Paul's "3-up" rule.
Thank you for the polite response and for taking the advice.

That's not what usually happens when the "search" function is pointed out.

Your polite response, deletion of the duplicate thred, and use of the search function before your alternate post is a real breath of fresh air around here.

Thank you again.
When I get a new firefighter assigned to me we sit down and discuss my expectations. I ususally sum it up with this; You need to C.A.R.E about your job!

C - Commitment. You have a commitment to your crew, the organization and most importantly the public that we serve. You must continue to show that level of commitment by being prepared every day you come to work. By working hard, training and staying in top physical condition you demonstrate your commitment to the crew and that is how you EARN their respect.

A- Attitude. Maintain a positive attitude at all times! Be able to handle constructive criticism, and develop thick skin. You have two ears and one mouth for a reason. Listen... There is alot to learn.... Don't be that guy that thinks they know it all. They are usually the ones with the least amount of respect and the first ones to get you in trouble!

R- Responsible. Be responsible for your actions... Own it! If you don't know something be man enough to say I don't know! Be responsible for yourself and your crew. On the fireground know where your crew is at all times. Be responsible for your station; It is a direct reflection on you. Be responsible for your equipment. Take care of it; your life may depend on it.

E- Enthusiasm. Be the first one in the bed of the engine when it's time to bed hose. Be the first one up in the morning making the coffee. Be the first one to volunteer to do something when asked to, and for gods sake do it with a smile! This is the best job in the world, and you should show pride in the fact that you get to work as a Firefighter. Kids look up to you, and the public trusts you... NEVER take that for granted. It does not matter when they call us, or what they call us for. Were in the bad day business and when they call; they're having a bad day. Your enthusiasm or lack of will be very apperant to all...

The day that you don't CARE, is the day that you should look for a new line of work!

Hope you find this helpful...
Nicely put Doug. Think I might just steal that and frame it for hanging in our training room.
Very nicely put, Doug. I have two probies that are going to be joining our ranks very shortly. Do you mind if I use your C.A.R.E segment during their initial meetings?
Excellent Doug!
Please help yourself... Glad you liked it!

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