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All i can really say about that one is wow. Why not put some water in through that corner they had pried up?
We use a piercing nozzle. Just jam it through the hood and open her up!!
Two thoughts here one, why are they not in full gear and scba, second standing directly in front of the car, espeacially with the front bumper shocks with a fire. We will attempt to pop the hood by the release and then if unsuccessful peel the corner and hit it with a stream, oh and we will use foam, seemed like they were just using water only. We also have recently put porta-power units that we will try and pop the hoods with after the bulk of fire is out.
I don't know what to say! Amatures! Lets start here. They do not know their job, idicated by the following. 1) no helmets, 2) no gloves, 3) no bunker gear, 4) no SCBA, 5) power saw on a car fire WTF?. Have they never been to a car fire before? Hoods are easily opend with the proper tools, training and knowledge of how to use tools. These guys ahd a pathetic performance on this day.
This is a poster for proper training! This almost went to an extra alarm fire just to get a crew on site that knew what they were doing.
#1 Put your damn gear on....ALL OF IT....STUPID..!!!! #2..learn how to use your equipment....K-Bar...Para-tool...if desperate enough a good axe will part sheet metal quite nicely....but 1st off learn the how to put the proper gear on...
id like to ask a question .....when u go to a u disarm the battery 1st?..just like to see how other fire stations do it
TO save people going to the link, here it is embedded in the topic...

I LOVE al that special PPE they're wearing!!
The gear these guys were, or weren't wearing, was the least of their problems.
Either a piercing nozzle (if people want to take the time to connect it) or dig the ads end of a halligan in and peel back toward the windshield. That should gibe enough of an opening to at least knock it down.
at least 1 of them had a helmet on......LOL
A Hurst Tool Works Really Well Too LOL :P

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