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"But I really wanted a red one..."
Michigan State colors ???? Now I know that I really need to lift the leg . . . GO BLUE !!!!!

( couldn't resist, I work for the Univ. of Michigan ! )
ok...two drunks walking down the looks over at a dog who is licking himself...the drunk slurrs...Damn, I wish I could do that...the other drunk looks at him and says...(ready for it....?)...You could but I bet he'd bite you.....
its bad enough that fat fuck used my toilet as a suppository but did he have to fart on the damn thing while doing it?
hi there name is chief pongo.and this is my trusted friend...hydrant....when i was a young pup us dogs from the local station use to pee on hydrant so you humans were able to get the couplings off alot easier.......heheh
Anybody seen my 3/4 boots? I know I left them right here.
As of Aug 1st 2010 NFPA Rule K9-911 section 44 sub paragraph bs, all firehouse mascotts and service dogs must wear proper ppe. SCBA's for dogs are in the works pending tests. Dog's should obay this rule for there own safety, and will be fined and put on addministrative leave, with out pay, if dont. Have a good day. that Poop Pick-up Equipment....?
Its hot as hell outside... how about someone open this damn thing!!
i know, i know that mayor buffets house is on fire, but i really really need to use this first....please!!!

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