A volunteer with the Strathmerton CFA (http://www.cfa.vic.gov.au/) has become a Captain at 24 years of age.


Full article at: http://www.cfaconnect.net.au/news/captain-at-24.html


I'm not sure how the rank structure compares to the US, but here, he is the Captain of the local volunteer brigade, and would be supported by a number of Lieutenants.



At 24 is it too young?


Does he have enough experiene in both life and the emergency services?

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To throw in another view point, my agency (SES) has looked for some time to make the Controller (equivalent of a Captain) a Unit Management position, not an operational role or rank.

This would mean that in reality, a young(er) person could assume the role without any issues as the time in the field is not applicable....
A lot of departments around here start the officers levels with captains. There are no Lts. You are a FF/P and the first rank of officer is Capt. then up from there. The captain levels here are more like Lts. level in other places. This may be the case there. Unless I know this kid and his history., i really would not judge him or his promotion.
I do believe that you told the only one who I would consider was bashing that he had a good point. Read his post, he sir is against anyone young in the fire service achieving anything.

I'm against snotty-nosed, still-wet-behind-the-ears, barely-past-the-probie-stage "captains" who confuse being voted in to a position with "achieving" something. I don't expect you to understand it now, but you will - later - when you mature.

By the way, my other posts weren't "bashing", just truth-telling. This one is more like bashing - and more truth-telling.
Mark, it ranks pretty high when you are presenting facts to the commisioners when it comes time to purchase a new engine.
It comes in pretty high when you need to deal with the towns people who come ask questions at open houses and some make factless accusations. There is more to an officer, line or chief, than just directing troops at calls. There is more behind the scenes stuff that requires cool heads and patience above all. Just telling him that. Thanks.
I've looked at all WP's posts in this topic, I see nothing that should be considered bashing, only truth telling as he states.

As you grow older, wiser and more experienced, you will look at the meaning of what someone is telling you instead of thinking they are against you.

Honestly, I'd have the exact some problem with a 21 YO with 2 years in the service telling me what to do, even if I only had 1 year in the service. Unless you see a lot of fire--as in big city lot of fire--there is no way anyone has the experience to be a competent captain with 2 years time in this job.
I can understand that Brian, but as of right now, that would not be my responsibility. It is mainly the chief's and deputy chief.

I have no problem dealing with taxpayers who pay my salary, I am one of them. Or factless accusations.

Great points.
Seeing "bashing" where there wasn't any could be misconstrued as immature.

Thinking that your rank and experience(?) is equal to a career vet's rank and experience(!) could be misconstrued as immature.

Continuing to whine and argue with people about the above two points...is immature.

Being called on it by a career vet captain...priceless.

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