Many think they know this, but they are wrong.  Do you know?

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OK...I cheated and did some was the Peshitigo Fire of Oct 8 through Oct 14 1871 in Peshitigo Wischonsin....1500 people were occurred at the same time as the Great Chicago fire......oops typo on he State....sorry
Land is worse than people being killed...?
Become a better cheater, Paul. LOL!

Again, this is the answer most offered up!

The Peshtigo fire was so intense it jumped several miles over the waters of Green Bay and burned parts of the Door Peninsula, as well as jumping the Peshtigo River itself to burn on both sides of the inlet town.

Surviving witnesses reported that the firestorm generated a tornado that threw rail cars and houses into the air. Many of the survivors of the firestorm escaped the flames by immersing themselves in the Peshtigo River, wells, or other nearby bodies of water. Some drowned while others froze to death in the frigid river.

Alas, while this fire was indeed huge and often overshadowed by the Great Chicago Fire on the same day, the largest fire (in area) burned an area twice the size…..
Not asking about the worse fire, just the largest fire..... in everything else I get carried away...#1...Peshtigo Fire Wisconsin 1871 #2...Great Chicago Fire 1871 #3...Iroquois Theater Fire Chicago 30 Dec 1903 #4...Coconut Grove Fire Boston Mass. 28 Nov 1942 #5...Brooklyn Theater Fire Chicago Dec 5,1876.......Thanks...I love history and it "made" me do some research.... All rated from worst to less....
The 2005-2006 wildfire of Texas and Oklahoma. I have to call my Chief to find outhow much really burned, I think he still has the report form when they ran it. I think it was over 5 million acres.
The 2004 Alaska fire that burned 5 million acres.
It is interesting stuff, isn't it? But you should check your sources.... #1 is still not on your list.

Since you've worked so hard, I'll give you a hint It's anniversary is being celebrated on site by firefighters from across the nation this weekend...
Never heard of it. Have specifics?
Haven't heard of this one. Was this a single fire?
Ohhhh... ok.....not the worst fire, but the largest fire?
Then my answer in the world trade center attack. Lost many lives, biliions of $$ in damage, emotional damage was off the charts, and will be remembered for ever as fathers and grandfathers tell the story to their children.( sorry, and mothers and grandmothers as well)
All true. Still not the largest. In area.

You guys are all giving it a kick-ass try, so here's a hint: firefighters from across the nation are gathering in remembrance of this fire this weekend....

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