I have a co worker that is a paramedic and is wanting to move to sandiago California but he wants to make sure he can get a job as a medic out there before he moves. but he has found out online that he has to have a cali drivers liscens and a cali ambulance drivers liscens to apply for any of them,is this true, if it is true any suggestions or is there any way around this...anything and everything would be appreciated.



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If he's working for a private ambulance company then he has to have a Ca DL. To drive an ambulance you need a special endorsement. The medic thing requires county certification testing. Standby to be a poodle jumping through a bunch of hoops.

so is wat ur saying is that hes gonna have to move there and then work on getting a job. hes just like anyone else making that move. with this economy u have to have a job and its hard to get one these days. so he just wants to make sure he can get a job before he moves accross the country lol but thx for the info
Sounds to me like he'll have to wait his turn, as Capt Busy put it. Maybe him taking the National Registry test with attention to Cali may help?
its not so much his licence. its that online it states that he has to have a CA drivers liscens to apply and he just needs to no what hes lookin at or even if its true.
His best bet is to contact the agency( AMR ) directly. They will tell him what their requirements are. But my understanding is he will need to get a San Diego County Paramedic Lic., a CDL(CA DL) with and ambulance endorsment BEFORE he can get hired.
ok thx everyone. what is the job market in california these days. refering to the sandiago area. what is he looking at. and how long is the wait.
The problem Ralph is that AMR basically has the private sector ALS monopolized. Here that is.
This is a nice link done by a FF/PM in the area.

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