my name is carlos rodriguez. im a volunteer fire fighter in june lake, ca. ive been here 2 months. i want to show my appreciation to my colleagues not only by my actions but i want to get a tattoo. and well the brotherhood we all share i figured id ask any and all of you if you have any ides or would be willing to draw up a really nice unique pattern or show your tattoos to everyone. your also welcome to email me at thanks

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Congratulations on working towards your dream.
This is only my opinion, hold off on the tats. Not so much to make sure you're doing what you want, but instead to decide if you're letting your emotions govern your actions. A tattoo is permanent (unless you put some money away for a future laser removal) and depending on what you do for a living, or will eventually do for a living (many fire departments do not allow visible tattoos and could affect you're getting hired, down the road) you could end up regretting it. Again, just my opinion.
Good luck and stay safe and learn, learn, learn.
A good place to get a look at firefighter tattoos is There are tons of ideas there and it is updated frequently.

I agree with the previous posters about taking your time to decide on the design. You are going to have it for life, so find exactly what you want and sit on it for a while before actually going through with it. Get it in a place that can be easily hidden and don't go huge.
Strikethebox like joe said there is a few tattoo groups on ffn aswell
Dont quote me on this but isnt there a few departments out there that will not hire anyone with a tattoo visable.
I will have to agree. think about when you are in the nursing home and sittin there talking about your days gone by and then ask how will this look at this age.
I have 3 tattoos now. I was 29 when i got them all done. I knew i wanted one, but it had to have meaning. The first one i got was in memory of my dad. He collected fire trucks, the seconed one is for my 3 girls, the 3rd is for my beliefs. They are all down my back. I can show them off if i want, or keep covered. Good luck and make it a good one! =)
hey everyone thanks for the replies and comments your welcome to keep posting more. but let me tell you a little about me to understand a little. im 27 now im a former gang member been out of prison 4 years THANK GOD married and happy. i have many tattoos including one on my neck and one down my forearm. im a volunteer firefighter. im BLESSED to have the opportunity to help people after i was in the position i was in to hurt them.. so im going to get the tattoo im sure of that... and all my tattoos have a meaning to them like on my bicep i have the 3 crosses like on calvary i have my wifes name my moms name rip dad on my back JESUS on my leg etc... so i appreciate all the input of think about it, tattoos are for life im aware and im ready. i was loyal to the gang life and well im dedicated and 100% loyal to my new volunteer career... anyone ever in california come to JUNE LAKE, CA
haha lol thats funny
GOD wants me to have a tattoo because he blessed me with the gift to tattoo and draw. and im not the type to express myself openly most of thetime so tattoo's is one way of me doing just that
I think LLoyd made a good point. Not everyone sees "tats" as a sign of caring. On the contrary, like any other great work of art, the human body looses value when defaced. God created canvas for a purpose. It does seem a little premature to make such a total committment to a new love. Just one olpharts opinion. Keep The Faith. Pete
Just my opinion but...if god wanted you to do something, I can't believe he would want you to deface another person's body, or yours, for that matter. Maybe he wanted you to earn a living from that talent in some other way. But...not like he ever talks to me.
Glad to hear of your turn around in life. You are truely blessed with this second chance. Keep being surrounded with good people. God Bless You!

Be trainable and stay safe out there,

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