I was curious as to what other depts. allow regarding blue (or red is some states) lights. I am at 2 depts. and the smaller one lets me use blue lights and the larger one doesn't. What is you departments policy? Do you think it is a good idea for jrs to run lights?

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Jr's to run blues no way but then again in my station jr's rarely ever are allowed on truck they help when everyone comes back from calls. Here is a little thing i learned about blue lights and yes i do run a blue light, what i learned is when you are on your way to the station "obeying all traffic signs like i know we all do" if you don't have a blue ight on your just a a%$ hole if you have a blue light your a A#$ hole fire fighter and they will be comeing to your station wih a complaint usaly that you ran them offthe road wether you did or didn't. So what i would do if i was you if you are allowed run it but be smart and responsiable with it and remember it's a courtesy light they don't have to move for you it's not state law!!! good luck and be safe
I think that Harold said it all. Jrs with a blue light, I wouldn't vote for it.
Yep, I also agree with Harold. Heck I'm of the opinion that most of the regular fireman shouldn't have blue lights too!

The main problem is that guys think that because they have a light on their vehicle it entitles them and enables them to drive aggressively. We are already hyped up with adrenelyn from the tones going off, those that can not control that adrenelyn should not have the added stressors that running with a blue light adds.

Juniors especially need to gain experience and maturity before they are allowed to use them. By maturity I mean as it relates to the fire service. You can be a responsible and well behaved youth, but until you have experience controling the excitement and rush that firefighters get you will be dangerous to yourself. Heck, I know some firefighters who have over 20 years experience on departments that still can not control their adrenelyn.

Juniors and Blue Lights, I'm glad this has NEVER been brought up before on FFN because it could go on and on and on till the next junior brings up the topic.
"Juniors and Blue Lights, I'm glad this has NEVER been brought up before on FFN because it could on and on and on till the next junior brings up the topic."

Yeah really, how annoying would that be? LOL
Jrs...? well that's an easy one.....NO...why would you want/need one...? Paul
Sort of like an old Lab I had once....used to chase cars all the time.....I often wondered what he would do if he caught one.....He sure as hell couldn't drive it....Paul
We use blue lights in my department. We dont have juniors. The community ambulances use green lights.
Kathy what state are you in? I have never of green lights being used for emergency responders. Green lights are used here (Pa.) to show where command is at, but that is after they are on the scene.
John i know what you mean i have a 20 year capt. and that pager goes off he turns into a 15 year old boy who just got his first chirstmas present ever.
We are allowed to run blue lights must get a special card from Chief and carry at all time with us..I not for sure why a junior would need a blue light.. Would have to be full trained for a fire.. Not kicking at JR's I think it is great to have these programs out there, but have to admit not trained as a adult yet ... We all have to remember that it is not a Hey you move it over here I come light it's a light of yes I am heading to a fire driving at a safe speed and if you could give me the right away... If not then I am stuck behind you till I get where I am going light...... Every body be safe
In New York EMS runs green, Vol Fire Runs Blue


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