As we all know there was a price for the capture of Bin Laden.  I would like to know who should get the bounty?  Should it go to the vicitims of 9/11 and their families?  Should the bounty revert to the government?

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my 2 cents .....give the cash to the Military families that lost loved ones
Now I think that is a great idea.
maybe put in a fund that helps families and less funded depts in the fire service
White House Press Secretary Jay Carney said on Monday that no one would receive the federal government's $25 million reward...because no one intentionally directed U.S. intelligence officials to the al Qaeda leader.

In a press briefing on Monday, Carney said "as far as I'm aware, no one knowledgeably said, 'Oh, Osama bin Laden's over here in Abbottabad at 5703, you know, Green Avenue.'"

Carney said that the reward isn't given if someone "accidentally" provides the necessary information through the intelligence gathering process.

Although THIS - is a hoot.
But if the government was going to reward someone, who should get it?
Gary Faulkner, of course.

Put it in trust funds for the children who were orphaned by the attack, if not already done.
But they're it's speculation. I nominate me.
A fine nomination, I'm sure. But how can you compete with a guy who tracked a leader of a terrorist group, through the Pakastani mountains, armed with just a sword, knife and a small handgun?

I nominate me. I have tracked my own dog through the woods behind my house armed with only a leash, a dog treat and a flashlight. And she didn't end up shot.
Why these are both fine nominations.... hehehe... Jack care to trump Derek?
Well I say give it to Vicitms/Familys And the Wounded worior program, they all deserve it

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