What is your favorite plus about being a Junior / Explorer?
If you have any good memories or experiences that you would like to share please do.

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I'm not gonna lie. I like how others look up to me because of it.
And i like how my family's involved by asking me questions, asking how my day went at training.
And i loved, (before I was no longer aloud on calls cause of age) getting back from a call, sitting down, and thinking to myself, I'm making a difference in my own way.
i am glad that you were being honest. :)
and i am so glad that you responded to my post. thank you.
I love the respect that I get from it. And also am doing what i wanted to do for as long as i can rember. But alot of kids at school give me bullshit about it...and that pisses me off.
thank your post i appreciate it. :P
Im a firefighter now but i joined the fd when i was 14 yrs old, there is not one momen that i can remember that was bad, yes your first full codes you go to will always be with you, but in the long run that will also prepare you. i love being on the fire dept and helping people in the comm. im going through a fire academy right now and hopefully will have a full time job doing this. just remember while your a jr ff learn everything that you possibly can cause it can only help you when you become of age to be a firefighter. good luck and be safe out there to all
I'm ask this question alot since i just recently moved to a town that doesn't have a junior fire program. I love every minute of being at training, talking about being a firefighter, and actually running on calls. At school i do get a bunch of crap about being on the fire department and things like that. I run alot of grass fire calls, and alot of car accidents. My junior department does not allow their juniors to run on medical calls. My first call was a single vehicle car accident with no injuries so i was excited. I think juniors need to get to get more runs by possibly running on major city departments and seeing what goes on when being in a real city fire department.
My favorite plus about being a junior is knowing that i can help others out at such a young age while at the same time getting in sum training to be a firefighter which can help me out in the future
I love everything about it! I love running code 3, going on calls, (trying) to help people (we don't get to do a whole lot), just pretty much everything. My favorite memory though is my first ever call I managed to get on. An big F3 almost F4 tornado hit about 5 miles away in the neighboring town and I was able to go on the mutual aid call. I searched houses, worked at rehab and did a whole lot of stuff. Thats gonna be a toughie to beat even when I become a real firefighter.
Ive been a junior for 2 months (3 at the end of this month) and i absolutely love it. Ive grown up in a firefighting family, so it runs in my blood. I've attended every meeting, i help out with work details, i love to just hang out at the station, i just feel "at home" there.

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