Hello everyone. Let me first say I have much respect for all of you 'emergency workers' out there. I am really considering becoming a firefighter. It's a burning passion inside of me. I've been doing a lot of research and trying to compile as much information as I can. I live near Chicago, Illinois so if anyone from the area could help!! So here we go..
I'm only 18 years old, so bear with me here. I'm on a gap year between high school and college. I'd like to get a few questions out of the way. In all that I've read, you cannot be color blind to become a certified EMT. Unfortunately I have the common red/green color deficiency. Does my deficiency disqualify me from becoming and EMT? Thus elimating my chance of becoming a firefighter? Any imput on this subject would be appreciated. Do you guys know of any EMTs or Firefighters that are color blind but still got the job? Another question I have is how does it work if you wear contacts/glasses. I've heard that you can get your mask with your eye perscription in it? Is it safe to wear contacts when running into a fire? (lol) Now to the actual process of becoming a firefighter..
If I'm eligible.. I plan on getting my EMT-B. After that I'm stuck. I don't know what to do. Obviously I would knock on some doors and get some field experience. Should I take some Fire Science classes at the local community college? Should I just hang around, workout, gain experience as an EMT then apply as to be a firefighter when I'm 21? Will I be able to recieve the firefighter training from the department if I make the cut? Are there any Firefighter Academy's around Chicago that I could go to that would give me my EMT license and train me to become a firefighter? I'm sorry so many questions.. but my brain is in a knot right now. Thanks for reading this far. :)

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Well where I live, in Newfoundland, Canada, it's not going to hamper your EMT certification as long as you can still tell colours and it's not severe.

In Calgary I know a firefighter who is deaf. I am still looking to find a few colourblind ones though.. I would suggest getting as much experience as possible, then when you have as much as you can, go and apply, if they say no, you are colourblind, you can't do the job, demand an explanation. People that aren't colourblind don't always know about the different types and what we see.. For all they know, you can't see any red or any green. Explain your situation exactly to them, and ask how this would be considered hazardous.

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