We're all scared of something. Myself? Like Indian Jones, I'm petrified of snakes! I had one start chewing on my arm when I was about 13 and after that, never been the same. A call with snakes is the one thing that would DEFINITELY freeze me in my tracks. How about you? What call would/has stop(ped) you in your tracks? What scares you in the fire service?

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"afraid to tell us"
Im afraid of not being able to go home after work and worse still not being able to make that phonecall to my missus myself. On the times where I have been hospitalised in work I have been able to ring her myself.
yes, spiders are of the devil... so too are the people who torture others about them ;-)

they friggin suck.
Lightning.....when im outside and snakes

also needles, i can do shots but blood work, yeah forget it...my veins are hidden and it always takes about 3 trys for the nurse to get some blood....eventually i pass out..
no sucking... spiders... friggin BITE... hee hee hee
dang - scene safety ???
You wouldn't have liked the thunder and lightning on this one fire I was on this year Scotty. It was basically a HUGE overturned stump on fire. Most amazing thing ever, well in the middle of the forest with nothing around anyways. This storm came over us and lightning hit about 200' away, felt all my hair on the back of my neck stand up, and the thunder was so loud it literally made all my bones rattle inside me. It was like being in a loud powerhouse on an industrial site and having it shaking from the machines but a little more violently and for only a couple seconds. It was "electrifying" hehehe
You Light Up My Life...
I do alot of camping and one time while backpacking a storm came and i had to crouch into a lightning position in a ditch...yeah i wasnt to fond of the lighting hitting the ground about 400ft away.....but im not that scared if im in a building or a car just outside and in tents
Glad you are still with us brother !!!
I hear ya Scotty. I'm not usually scared of it, but that scared the fecal matter right out of me!

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