Are there any departments using this notification system? "I am responding"

This link was sent to me by a fellow FF. It looks like it has merit. The drawback for us is needing a computer terminal in three houses. If it works with cell phone web service, that's a plus.

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Kern: There is a dedicated mobile web application for the system, which makes all of the pertinent information viewable on any smart phone. As far as the computer terminals go, the computers only need to be configured for internet access; nothing else is required. Many of our subscribers simply use very inexpensive, refurbished computers for this. Feel free to call us at 315-701-1372 to either view a live demonstration, or to set up a completely free, no obligation, 2 month trial. Thanks, Dan Seidberg, President, (
We are using the system for free now for our small 12 member department. It works well. We are ready to sign the contract. It makes it so easy for me as a chief to instantly know who is coming.
It works well. The only difficult part is getting people to remember to call the number. My department is a combination department (paid & volunteer) and some of the volunteers are great about calling it every time. Others have forgotten all about it and never call. If they call, I give it an A+. If they don't it still gets an A+ but it really has to be enforced from the beginning to call in. I believe part of our problem is some of our volunteer officers have been issued portable radios and just use those instead.
It's something that a few of us have researched. We don't think that there will be enough buy in from the firefighters or dispatch. Even some younger firefighters, those that you would think are tech advanced, balked at having to dial a phone number. "Why can't I just show up?" mentality. That's great, I just wish that I knew you were around the corner before we left short-handed, AGAIN!
Still hoping for the best though.
My current department uses I AM RESPONDING it works great for us , we are able to tell what our day crew will be like and who is going where and what i say it works awesome , most of our officers are able to see manpower from there web enabled phones and a few of the firefighters are also able to see who is responding from there phones
All of my members have portables. This system allows us to say off the radio as much as possible and accomplish more than we could with our radios. Dispatch doesn't hear everyone on their radios. Multiple officers calling in causes undue radio traffic. This leaves us off the radio till the first truck rolls. We love it

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