went on a first responder run last night fire dept was first on scene so three of us went in to get a lady out ready for tranport --dispatch advised ems she had this but not the fire dept. and three of us already exposed to it. anyone know of any medical websites to look at???

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This is a silly thread. MRSA is alive and well everywhere. It has been around for many years. If you practice universal precautions, the risk is low of catching this. If in sputum, as long as they don't cough in your face, I wouldn't worry about it. Remember this folks, many of these "infected people" are treated in the hospital and released. They are walking around the malls, grocery stores or making your burger at McDonalds. It's not the end of the world. You must use common sense. Staff RN Consultant
It has been around for years.. Vrsa same thing been around.. I can't worry about everything out there. I just feel that It was the same as the AIDs virus was around for a long time before we all started to become aware of having to be safe,,, In the Ems system we are all suppose to wear gloves right.... If a pt is coughing then mask right....FETC this person could have had it ten years ago got treated then tested negative the sec time.. Thats great you went and found a defination of it,but the reality of it is it has been here for a long time... VRSA same thing..I do care ,but you know what new disease different day.. I have seen MRSA in the hospital for ten years....... FETA I take precautions and it's true old MCdonald 's boy could be making my burger now with MRSA..... Better than that probally if swab I have it already.....
Just a simple google would had told you being in the ems field you should look it up any way...
RN staff consultant Jess Slabchuck
Some schools have it with .. Sports ..
not a rn ,but thanks kinda of a childish response..Please if you can intubate on a response like that yea please don't.. I would want to have a grown up to do that please...
First of all, did you use Universal Precautions? Were you wearing gloves? If you were not, you may or may not have been exposed depending on whether or not you made direct contact with something that was "leaking". If it was covered, your chances of exposure are greatly reduced. You should ALWAYS treat every patient as if they have MRSA (Methacillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus). Here's some suggested links to get you and your crew more definitive information.

Web MD - Click Here

Center for Disease Control Website - Using Search function for MRSA...

This is also a Public Health issue and they have wonderful resources for you. Make phone or personal contact with your Public Health folks and they will direct you to the communicable disease specialists who can steer you in the right direction as far as education and possible treatment using antibiotics. This is not the kind of thing that you can sit on and think about. What I am telling you is something that needs to be done tomorrow, December 4, 2008. If there was an exposure, you need to get things started as far as your own medical monitoring and care. You should also make sure that both accident and workers comp reporting guidelines have been followed. You have 24-hours to get the paperwork to your supervisor. You also may need to notify both your Human Resources person as well as who ever handles your risk management. Finally, make sure that you have designated a specific doctor in writing to prevent you from getting the HMO shuffle which can happen with workers comp cases. Typically General Practitioner Physicians can easily handle this situation. Just don't delay making contact to get definitive advise and possibly treatment if found necessary. Good luck!

If you need further assistance, give me a shout.

If I remember you are the one who came on all it to me.. About not caring..Sooo really did you think I was going to let that dog lie.. I work with a girl on the floor in which she had it, No one in her family got it.. how did it spread to your family members???.... That I in which is sorry for,but come on and throw on a bull crap line of insulting you... I have delt with MRSA for 10 years ... I think you just described half of the american public.. 2 jobs, no sleep ,no food ,run down... MRSA can be found at church,helping with sports,in the libarary.. To say it came from a nursing home is a silly statement it is easy to blame because some MRSA is there My guess it could had been picked up anywhere... To think because we work in the health field as far as ems or hospitals the disease must have come from there is also silly.... The antibotic regine with the new drugs are very sucessfull.. no more vanco,or clindamycin.. The drugs we are giving $400_500 a pop.. I am waiting for the infection control DR to come up to read your statement and hoping the MD will write you back...
SAd part I didn't write that the RN working that night wrote that..You have read my post I don't usually get off on people but it was already a done deal when I got back from my pt's room...
Yea lpn been one for 10 years,plus rn don't in our hospital intubate resp does all that...
Solve the problem you take one bat I take one we walk ten paces turn and proceed to run at each other tilll well one of us is down.... It doesn't matter we are both right you are personnel with this due to what you have experieced,, I myself see it everyday and other things that are yea not cool...It's just another day for me... Good universals and I'm home..Go on a call good ppe home.... Floor nurse for med surg pt's just to let you know ,also ER
count has begun one, two you want to b et he only one right so like the old days .. three

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