I have a problem with migraines flaring up.I see a couple Dr.'s for this but it still causes problems.Anybody else have migraine problems?I'm looking for something to try to at least make them not quite so bad.

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Imitrex works pretty well for those I know that have migraines....BUT need to take with care...it can cause cardiac problems....Indural 25 mg works well in some people with a lot less potential problems....

? head injuries ? unresolved shoulder, head, neck injuries ?

I had migraines for the better part of 30+ years (shh don't tell anyone how old I am).

If you are prone to have migraines, you can have many many triggers - so you have to work to reduce the triggers.

Imitrex is a curative medicine - with dangerous side-effects, but many people find it is the only thing that works.

Curative is the wrong approach for me, I have to do EVERYTHING to PREVENT the migraine - or else I end up in the ER drowning in endless (mostly useless) drugs.

I caution you about the Inderal - it can drop your blood pressure and cause you to pass out - especially under exertion... but it works well as a migraine preventative. Just be careful. I took it for 5 years, saved my life - but since it is a beta-blocker it has some serious side-effects, like it can cause heart issues. (interestingly it is also used to treat heart issues - fancy drug)

(ok, I have baby PMS hormonal ones only now) !!!

* Allergy treatments (+ Sinus Evaluation - I had sinus septum, etc. surgery - see a ENT - Ear, Nose & Throat Dr; I know give myself weekly allergy shots - the #1 thing I am allergic to is dust mites - which means I am allergic to my own bed and sofa and carpet- you get the picture. They also found I am allergic to a few foods that I never knew about but ate regularly, so I was eating my own poison. The shots SAVE MY LIFE NOW!!!)
* High Protein Diet (I always have almonds and other quick protein items on hand)
* Maintain Blood Sugar (when my blood sugar drops, I feel a migraine a'comin)
* 250 mg of Magnesium Supplement everyday (my friend found that potassium works better for her)
* I also had my wisdom teeth pulled - since they can lean on the nerves which trigger migraines.
* I also take Isometheptene Prescribed medicine during the ONSET of migraine symptoms - it keeps them small (I use to take it coupled with the Inderal), now I take it alone - and since I have the allergy treatments and Magnesium - I hardly ever take it. It's biggest side-effect for me - sleepiness. But is kicks the ass preventatively of the migraine and does not let it run away into hell.

Then Basic Self-Care - :

* Consistent Sleep
* Drink lots of water
* Balance Electrolytes (gatorade)

Some good Naturopathic (Natural) Medicine:

* Hot / Cold treatments [hot on your feet, cold on your neck and forehead and other head parts] 20 minutes on / 20 minutes off [when you are having a migraine the blood pressure in your head goes up, the cold chases the blood out of the head, while the head draws it towards the feet - however, after 20 minutes, the head thinks it is going into hypothermia and will send the blood back to the head to protect the brain, so can't keep the cold on for hours, since it becomes counterproductive.]

* Get a good massage therapist to work the muscles in your neck, shoulders and back - once a week

* Swim and stretch in the pool helps overall flexibility and releases the bad chemicals which can store up in your body

* Just stretch out in general - daily.

* Get an eye exam - if your eyes are under strain, you can get migraines

* Get a dental check-up and fix all dental work, since dental related matters can cause all sorts of headache related problems. Get them to check for TMJ in your jaw too.

* short-term fix, try antihistamines

My final words:
don't drive machinery when you have a migraine...
and don't be on scene...
since it is considered an altered state of consciousness
I used to get sever migraines. At one point I had one so bad that a friend of mine packed me into her car and took me to a doctor who specializes in acupuncture. I had never tried acupuncture but at the moment I was willing to try anything. The doctor used 5 needles and explained that after inserting the fifth I would feel a tingling sensation (which I did), approx 10 to 15 minutes later I could feel the pain melting away. He left the needles in place for approx. 30 minutes and I walked out of the office as if I had never had a migraine. About 8 months later I had another mild migraine (if there is such a thing) and went back for another round of acupuncture with the same results. It's now been almost 9 years since I've had a migraine. I can't say for sure that they are gone for good or that it will work for you but I am sold on acupuncture and would recommend you give it a try. TCSS
See a Neurologist AND an Allergist AND the previously mentioned ENT
Thanks for the info.I have a couple bad discs in my neck(C6 and C7)that I've had a couple rounds of PT for.Was on a beta blocker along with a lot of other meds and had BP problems.Don't take that anymore.Don't like spending any time in the cardiac unit.Had a spinal tap once and I had a really high spinal pressure.Have to go to the eye doc. every six months for a visual field test.I do take an Imitrex if a headache is coming on,but it is like a knockout drop.5-6 hrs.of deep sleep.I wondered about the dental thing.I still have my wisdom teeth but wife says I don't have anymore wisdom.Getting fed up.Going to Pittsburgh to the Nuero. this month and to Cleveland Clinic next month.Think I'll wear my Steeler jersey over there.
It is definitely an altered state of conciousness.Don't like that part at all.
go to Allergist and Ear Nose and Throat Doctor - ASAP

if you are allergic to milk - and you drink milk - you could be getting migraines from that AND not even know that you are giving them to yourself ~~~~ do you see how figuring that out MIGHT be easier than extensive neuro projects

I LOVE my Isometheptene (Midrin or Migratine) - get that medicine. You take it during onset of migraine symptoms - every 1/2 hour - it dramatically reduces the symptoms BEFORE they become full-blown. And it may also just make you sleepy - but much more functional than with a migraine.

yes - if you already have NO more wisdom - then you have nothing to lose.

BUT GOD YOU'RE A WRECK - you need to see the neurologist too. Spinal pressure - that is out of my league - I have opinion on that one.

And several of my friends did experiments with many "vitamin supplements" - one at a time, the B's, C, Calcium, Vitamin E, Potassium, Magnesium, etc. etc. Do some research. Since many of the doctors do not seem to be able to figure it out when the body has a natural vitamin deficiency. My blood test showed magnesium in normal limits - but my migraines spring up when i don't take the magnesium - so clearly my "normal limits" is only for 66% of the population in the bell curve, and I am an outliar - the other 34% of people. You TOO may be an outliar and may need something beyond modern medicine.
I take 500 Mg of Magnesium every morning.I have no doubt I am on the outside of society looking in,I run into burning buildings.Well I don't run anymore.Can't do that with all this modern construction.That would probably be another topic altogether.
maybe too much magnesium?

maybe you need potassium too?

you get my point - keep exploring - good luck !
My God Heather you really do get headaches! I thought you were just using that as an exscuse Boy, do I feel like a jerk...sorry.
glad you are still with us

that's what he said

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