We have a 2011 International Workstar chassis on our tender, and the emissions is always running a re-generate cycle. When this happens, it basically shuts the truck down so you cant drive it, until it runs it cycle which usually lasts about a 1/2 hour. This is not good when your hauling water to a fire. Is this a common thing ??? Is there something we can do about it ??? Has anyone else had this problem with the new emissions systems ??? Just trying to find out if this is going to be a common thing, and what we can do to try and avoid this on calls !!! Thanks for any input !!!

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There are easy ways to overcome this.


The problem is that the regeneration cycles tend to occur when the vehicle's engine runs for a certain period of time, as with over-the-road truck engines.  When you have stop-and-start, short runs like most FD responses, it usually doesn't trigger a regan cycle.  The simple answer is to use the manual override for the regen, finish the call, and then have your shop hook up the computer and force a regen.  If you don't have a shop capable of forcing the regen, you need to find one.


You can sometimes trigger the regen by just driving the rig around for a while, finding a place to park when the "ready to regen" warning comes on, and going on your merry way after the regen is complete.


This is very common.  We had some issues with it three or four years ago when we transitioned from our old rigs to the new ones.  Now we include the regen in the driver training manual and include troubleshooting it in driver testing, and we haven't had an issue with it for a long time.


One other thing we did to avoid regen safety issues is to relocate the exhaust stacks vertically on the right side of the pumper and put the deck pipe offset to the left.  That gets the super-hot regen gases away from ground level where it can burn someone's legs, and it gets the deck pipe away from the exhaust stack so the pipe operator won't be in close proximity to regen heat if the regen starts while the engine is pumping a defensive fire.

THANKS Ben..... It just seems it happens whenever we go out on a call, kind of a pain in the...you know !!! I know of the bypass, but then having to sit there and wait for it to do its cycle.....it just seems odd is all. Thanks again !!!

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