I'm simply curious about your piercings, as I was gifted a piercing certificate recently and I already have a few. The one I am consistently managing is my nose ring..I take it out for training or any public event where I represent the dept. On scene, it's well protected in my mask and has not been an issue for me. But there are several other piercings I am looking to get done with my certificate, such as my hips and navel.
Does anyone have any surface piercings? I really want these piercings but not if it will compromise my ability to preform on scene.
does anyone have any piercing advice or piercing stories?
I'm done with facial piercings for now, so any other piercings would be below the neck.

please keep the comments friendly..i know piercing isn't for everybody.

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thanks kali, i saw that post, but it doesn't address surface piercings or the kind i'm talking about at all. :\
i'm looking for accounts of the 'unconventional' piercings and their interference with the job. i got no concerns with above the neck piercings.
and what does metal do when exposed to heat...?? it conducts it quite well...whether inside a mask or not you are very liable to get burned....it can and sometimes does happen....Is it worth it...? Are you willing to take that chance...? Only a call that you can make.......Paul
Caroline, I have 4 piercings (ears only) I never had any trouble with them. I steam burnd my ears a couple times but never had a issue with the ear ring getting hot and burning my ears. The chain on my neck gets hot from time to time.
Im not telling you that your pierced parts wont burn. But ive had good luck sofar.
if ANY piercing gets hot enough to conduct that kind of heat....the LEAST of your worries is the piercing itself.
A scba mask will melt away loooooong before enough heat is conducted thru turnout gear to cause a belly ring to burn you.
How about ears...nomex hood doesn't do a lot...and nose rigs...? radiant heat only slows down a bit through the mask....Hey, no skin off my butt......I'm not wearing them....same idea in wearing polyester under our turn-outs...told shouldn't do it as the fabric can melt and weld itself to your skin...slight risk I agree...but shouldn't we eliminate any risks that we can....?
you seriously believe that if an earring gets hot enough thru a nomex hood to cause a burn.....that the ear (and side of the head) haven't suffered major heat damage already???
And in regard to the radiant heat coming thru the mask causing a nose ring to heat up to the point of causing skin damage.......I can only ask you one question.....how much more heat can your eyes take than a chunk of metal??? I am not quite sure of the temperature at which a human eye fails, but I am sure that it is FAR below the temp. at which that piece of metal in the nose has to be heated to for it to cause damage to the nose.

And as for wearing polyester under turnouts, most of us no longer wear 3/4 boots and are fully encapsulated in gear made of PBI and or other fabrics......so if the temperature inside that gear raises to the melting point of your clothes you have ALREADY received severe burns (and more than likely a catastrophic failure of your gear)

I don't have the time or energy to look up things but it might be beneficial to look up the temperature at which human skin suffers damage......when the human eye fails.....the difference in time between when a piercing heats up to a damaging temp. as opposed to when the surrounding skin fails (I am willing to bet that the surrounding skin will fail LONG before the metal heats up enough to cause damage......kinda like a hinge on a door surviving after the door has burned away)

And we should also understand that firefighting is an inherently dangerous profession and always will be......we can eliminate all the risks by not going into burning structures.....but that is something I am NOT willing to do. We are the LAST hope for someone when they are trapped in a fire.
I only mention what "might " happen...not what "will" happen....I only ask that you not report for duty looking like some walking voodoo doll...and you don't need to try and lecture me about the job....I didn't just get off the turnip truck.....
anything and everything "might" happen.....and I wasn't trying to lecture anyone about anything.....just making statements, and I know nothing about turnip trucks.....sorry if ya got your feelings hurt, I was simply explaining things as simply as I could
Feelings never get hurt in Fire Service...and everyone has their opinions......
Don't sweat the piercings, live life and enjoy.......Been in many fires and have not felt a thing but heat everywhere, as someone said if your piercings are burning you have bigger problems Jim FTM-PTB

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