Another Unusual Question. What Do The More Rural Firefighters Use For Trucks To Carry Gear To The Scene?

Ok, you inner-city firefighters just overlook this thread because I know you all put gear on before you leave the station. But for those of us in rural areas, showing up to fires at different times this seems to be important based on what I see from most local departments. Our current "gear carrier"/rehab unit is a 1973 Chevrolet school bus. It carries all of our turnout gear, helmets, gloves, boots in our own individual lockers. Also carries our mobile cascade, some saws, back boards, lots of extra drinking water, and our extra air packs/tanks that don't fit our our rescue pumpers. We carry all of our turnout gear on this bus because we don't all leave from the station and probably 95% of the time someone comes to the scene in their own vehicle after all the trucks have left the station. I am asking the rural guys on here for pictures of what you use for this purpose. We are looking at updating to something shorter than a 60 passenger bus because of space issues and I would love input from you guys.



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Most of us in my department carry our gear in our POV accept for the ones who live closest to the station and usually are the ones rolling out the apparatus. Personally I carry all mine in my POV including my SCBA and a spare bottle. It all depends on the type of call we get.

I think everyone should have to go to the station gear up there then roll with what is needed, that way you and your crew knows who and what is responding.

i carry my gear, chainsaw, a fire extinguisher, six cones, flares, first aid kits and cooler of water and extra vests in my vehicle

i need to get a few tools to have on hand as well

as fire police some of us have to make it to the major intersection to clear traffic so the engines and tankers can get through safely, then proceed to the scene.

we carry our gear, and some extras in our POV and the chiefs carry more if needed.

although we often have a few jughead drivers out there for the most part people are patient.

on average most of the guys keep their gear at the station and respond with the trucks but there are a few who carry their gear with them

We are a rural dept. We can carry are gear or keep it at the station. no gear on the trucks.

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