Does any fire department let noncertified fire dept members ride on trucks even if it's not a emergency?  Let them be on the fire ground or ems scene?

We do not and if someone with a higher certification is on station you get bumped off the truck. The first thing we teach is CPR/AED but even with this you not allowed on a ems scene or on a truck.

I was wondering how other departments work.

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Depends on the call, and How many trucks are in the station. He could sit in the 4th seat and learn something.
Only if there is room without "bumping" certified members on first due trucks....other than that they can go on either the rescue rig or on the equipment truck....
I am a probie. In my Dept. we take a few orientation classes ie: to the station house, apparatus and such. A bloodborne class, and a First responder driving class. Then sit down with the Chief who clears us to ride and we then become the Go - for's, accountability board keeper, and the such. You get bumped if there is a more certified person that shows up, but you get the chance to see how everything works and get real familiar to the equipment.
There's plenty for "non-certified" personnel to do on a fire scene or some EMS scenes. We have minimum requirements on how many certified personnel should be on a truck when it rolls, but others may come in another truck and help out if they are available. When recruitment and retention are nearly at a standstill a volunteer department is thankful for all the help, especially if it's a person serving drinks and handing out towels.
I was told are insurance will not cover them. If they could see a working fire it would go a long way. The fire classes don't come around too often and they get bored and give up. We lose alot of new guys this way.
I wonder does are insurance cover them?
We have too many new guys to not have them respond. If we only let certified guys we wouldn't have enough to respond. However they do not perform any duties they are not certified to do.
We allow juniors to ride on the trucks to scenes if theres an open spot once on scene they have to stay by the truck and they can change scba cylinders and get tools if needed
Usually we try not to bump anyone off of the truck. Because ever a Jr. is well needed at the scene of a structure fire etc. And if we do have a fire, were not the only Co. responding so there is going to be more help both ways...
I'm at the Ohio Fire Academy now getting me 240 now, but for the couple months I was on my volunteer department, I rode along and helped out with calls as just an explorer writing out the report, fetching tools, and the such. We never filled all 6 seats on our first due engine anyways, so finding a spot on the truck was never an issue.
Thats crazy that your insurance dont cover new guys.When i started i didnt know how to put the truck in pump mode or how to store your bunkers:) we always try to teach and include the new ones as much as possible. I bet i went on a 100 ems runs before i was an EMT why go throgh all the training if you dont like it. Why send someone to fire collage if they dont like it after six months our dep sorts them out
Not sure what exactlya non-certified member is?

If that means a member looking to join then the answer is no. Just for insurance reasons I would not let them on the apparatus. Basically you either are or arent in the fire department ? If you are in then anything that should happen to you while either enroute or operating at a incident then you are covered.
our two newest members of the dept. were allowed to tag along while they were in the process of completing their 36hr vol. FF certification class. the only thing the chief required was that they were to stay with him at all times up by the engine.

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