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ALLENDALE, Mich. (WOOD) - Firefighters were forced to take a defensive position Wednesday morning while fighting a fire because they were concerned ammunition stored inside the home could explode.

The fire started around 3:30 a.m. at a residence on 64th Avenue just north of Lake Michigan Drive in Allendale. Everyone was able to get out of the home safely.

Firefighters at the scene told 24 Hour News 8 they heard popping noises when they arrived. The homeowner told them bullets were stored in a safe in the house and were likely going off. Firefighters then pulled back and fought the fire from a distance.

Investigators think the fire started in a wood stove in the rear of the house.

The homeowner, Scott Weber, told 24 Hour News 8 he switched to a wood stove because it is more economical.

Weber was treated for smoke inhalation.

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It does tend to make one pucker! LOL
About 20 years ago we had a home that had an room full of rifles & amo stored in it & the house was on fire. On our arrival the homeowner was removing the guns since the fire was on the other end of the home in an attached garage. We continued to remove the rifles with one crew as two ther crews were attacking the fire. We didn't get all of the ammo removed before the entire home was engulfed in flames and we changed to an exterior attack. There were shells going off but after discussing with a local State Fire Instructor, he stated that since the ammo was loose not in a rifle the energy would dissipate safely & our regular protective clothing should provide adequate protection. We still felt better with an exterior attack
Been there done that still makes this Vet pucker, even tho I know its doesn't have he stopping power
We went to a basement fire and rounds started going off. The guy that owned the house was a reloader. to say the least we high tailed it out of the basement. Scare the living crap outta ya!
Heck, when you work in Da Hood, you don't need a fire to have rounds whizzing by. The only thing worse than New Years that I've seen is Iraq.
And at car fires too! Not only do we have to deal with struts and airbags, recently we had a number of rounds cooking off from the trunk of a car fire. No body hurt but definitely unnerving.
I live in Northern Michigan, that is a normal occurrence for structure fires in my area
We had a well involved garage fire going. Rounds started popping off from an open safe. We cooled them from the side door with the hoseline, and put the fire out. Very creepy though.

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