Now some that aren't aware of the dangers of air bag deployment while on a scene can have a look at this video.These guys should be on my top five idiots video that I got posted on here but somehow they missed the cut.Anyway It is somewhat funny but more a very huge eyeopener for those who have just heard about airbags being dangerous but never knew what we are talking about!!



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oh my goodness, what was this guy thinking?
Ya but at least he had a good bunch of friends around incase something went wrong
I thought I would share this with everyone so it would give a perspective as to just how powerful these things are..........and at the same time have a laugh
Changed the title to hopefully attract some attention.We had a demo at our station where a local car dealer had a F in the garage and he come and deployed a few.It was a great demo butyou never thought of an air bag being this powerful.Givesyou a whole new perspective
Years ago, when I was working at a car dealership, there was a guy who was preparing to remove the steering wheel in a car to do some electrical repairs. We were always told to disconnect the battery before doing anything involving repairs around any airbag circuitry. Static discharge can set them off.

This poor guy had the driver's side (steering wheel) bag go off in his face. He was wearing prescription glasses.
In addition to a concussion and a broken nose, he was blinded in his right eye, and after several surgeries to his left eye, he regained partial sight.

I've known several guys who have set them off from junked cars, outside, sending all sorts of things into orbit.
They're definitely something to be aware of, and have a healthy respect for, if not fear of.
joemac that's too bad.simple thing that should be second nature to him and forgot or thought he could get away with it and suffers for the rest of his life.I have seen articles in newspapers whereFF's and Ems hve got nailed by them and when I seen this video it opened my eyes.I always knew they were dangerous but to see buddy get launched 10 feet in the air it gives you a visual of what this danger is.I wish more people would see it

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