About three months ago I was sitting in our lounge by myself, and I heard three locker doors get slamed shut, one right after another. Since There a a couple of guys who leave their lockers open all the time, I figured that someone came in and shut them, so I went to the truck bay to see who it was, no one was there.


A month and a half ago, one of our juniors came to open the hall for the rental that was there that night. After unlocking the doors, he went to the truck bay where our soda machine is, got a soda and sat on the desk that is out there. From where he was sitting, the trucks go in order of Engine being the farthest, Rescue in the middle, and Ladder being the closest. All of a sudden, his dog starts freaking out, barking and everything. He looks up to the rescue truck, and see a black figure peeking around the corner of the truck. When he runs over to see what it was, all that was there was a puddle, with fresh footsteps walking away from it.


These are not the first stories I have heard, I have asked a couple of guys about it, and they say they have heard locker doors slam also.


We also have a drain in our bay that if you step on, it will make a sound. And after you step off of it , it will make the sound again. Also if the doors are up, and the wind catches it, it will make the noise. One night when i was watching TV with our chief, we heard the sound once, heard a locker door slam, and that was it. It didnt make the sound again.


I now refuse to go in there by myself. When there is a call in the middle of the night, I will wait for someone else to show up before I go in. Our Chief engineree is the same way, won't go in first.




Think it's about time to call Ghostbusters...



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