Did a search and couldn't find anything. Are there departments big or small doing any training for active shooter situations? Do you have any standards sog/sop and training situations that you can share?

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We have yet to tackle this issue. We have had many discussions and talks about what could / would happen in the event of, but never trained. Our local city has trained with their Police, County and City Swat team and local EMS agencies on this though.

I know Tucson Arizona Area is starting to dig into this a lot more. The City Department have been training on it and Northwest Fire District just did a good sized training course with multiple agencies involved not to long ago.

I suspect all of the bigger city departments are addressing this if they haven't already. 

I never really understand the requests for other department's SOP's. You have to tailor your plan to the scenario you are likely to encounter, the resources and equipment at hand, levels of training and capabilities for all involved, mutual aid available, etc.If I were to post the FDNY plan how would that help? 

Police, fire, EMS and hospitals at the very least would have to be involved. It will have to be a multiple agency plan and maybe even a multi-jurisdictional plan. Involve as many agencies and/or municipalities as are necessary to meet the expected needs.

Just getting an operational exercise done will be a major undertaking. It makes more sense to start with a table-top exercise, or a series of them. That may be as far as you get but it's better than nothing.

National Fire Academy, Homeland Security and FEMA Emergency Management Institute all have information available on active shooter incidents. Easily found via google search.

It should be mentioned that New York City code now requires schools to do lockdown drills in addition to fire evacuation drills.

Never written and sop for something like active shooter I thought looking at one in place would help.

No disrespect intended but if you can't identify the problems and form some basic solutions based on your particular departmental and jurisdictional capabilities then maybe someone else should be writing the SOP. Or you should get some training somewhere.

I don't believe that just eyeballing someone else's SOP is suitable preparation. 

But that's just me. It does appear that things are done your way all the time. 

After speaking with my captain he suggested looking into RTF (rescue task force) training

Fema offers a active shooter thing

We have just finished our first round of active-shooter training, ahead of our region's departments finalizing and deploying an active shooter kit to fire departments, which includes a mission-oriented Trauma kit as well as body armor for Fire/EMS crews entering the scene. It's been a joint effort between Police & Fire, with our departments running training scenarios together. Definitely an interesting concept, and I feel comfortable with what we've decided to do in our region. 

I know Tucson would supply medics to TPD's SWAT team, and it's good to hear they are taking on more training. I was kind of surprised when more training didn't roll out after the Giffords shooting in 2011...

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