I am a 17 year old emt-b and a soon to be firefighter......I want to be the best that I possibly can...so I'm looking for some tips on what I should do that they don't always teach in the regular curriculum....you know learn from others mistakes instead of making them on my own.....so if you happen to have a spare moment and a tip or two.....please take the time and share with me.As well as any little things that have happened to save your rear end or someone elses.... Thanks, ~Jen

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Hey Jenny, How is it going?

Oh to clarify the "mouth shut" two words thing. It means, don't complaint - especially a certain task, or exercise is very tough. The only thing to open your mouth is to ask questions.
training training training as much as u can... good luck
excerise is vital, stay fresh eat well it helps in the loooonnngggg run LOL
All I can say is get on every call you can and learn from other's. You will make mistakes but take the positive from them and learn from it. Hopefully you will have somebody looking out for you so nobody get's hurt. But you will make mistakes. It is human nature. And the one tip that I can give and the most important one in my opinion, Is to never forget your family just because you have a run does not mean that your plans with family have to be sacrificed. I am not saying to just not go on run's. But just remember those who love you. Be safe out there.
ive been on the vol.dept 2 yrsand ive gone to every training i can go to and still going you will learn more on scene
and by doing it yourself,take everything u learn from training and other people put it all in together and make your own way. the only dumb question is one that isnt asked.hang in there youwill do fine it gets tough but you can do it.and always remember u know when u have enough dont push yourself to hard.
Well you are already on the right path because you have found this website. Take any class that you can get your hands on even if it costs money you are investing in yourself. Subscribe to fire service publications such as fire engineering, and fire rescue magazine. Got to fire service educational websites like the National Fire Academy, United States Fire Administration, Fire Video Sites etc. Avoid the "firehouse beauty shop" gossip sites like The Watchdesk.com.

Lastly practice practice practice. Train all the time as often as you can and then apply your trade on as many calls as you can. I recommend joing a department that has a live in program that will allow you to live at the fire station for free in exchange for running calls. You have to be busy in order to get expereince if you FD isnt taking in alot of runs or fires I would go ride with one that is you can still stay with your current one but If they are not that busy you will never get any experience. Don't know were your from but PG county Maryland and Northern VA have some awesome and very busy vollie departments and they offer live in programs....you will take in alot of fire and gain experience in months that it may take years to get elsewhere.
Seems you are not going to be at a loss for the tips you wanted. Here is mine. Always remember, when you walk into that station door for the first time, as member, you are already a hero. By your desire to be one of us you have distinguished yourself as an exceptional person. You will learn how best to do it and you may be so eager that some may find it annoying, but you are a hero and worthy of others respect. Choose your mentors from the ones who recognize that fact. One point I share at every opportunity is this: Those who put themselves in harms way for others are following Christs example, knowingly or not. With that in mind, you will never ever be "going in" alone. Keep The Faith Hero.
I want to say thank you to all of you......not only for answering my questions but for doing what you do and really wanting to do it......It is a great insipration...keep up the tips and if you have any experiences that you think may help ......feel free to share them as well........Again, Thank you,~Jen
Training this can not be stressed enough get all you can because when the time comes it can save your life your buddies life or your patients life.Learn about the people you work with and try to figure out there pros and cons no one person is perfect and almost every firefighter has a special strength be it ventilation,forciable entry,smoke reading whatever just observe for awhile and figure it out by getting to know these people you will learn alot.Listen to people that have been around for awhile and that cant be stressed enough either.Dont listen so much to the (Know it all) without confirming through senior personel or officers.Go to the station and walk yourself through each apparatus and learn where everything is kept it will make you more efficient when working on scene and if minutes count it can be the difference between life and death.Learn SOPs and SOGs,standing orders etc.Practice skills when you get the chance if your justing around watching tv pick up a rope and tie notes just for practice.Be motivated and agressive but dont be one of those know it types alot of people get offended by that and will simple give you enough rope to hang yourself not saying they wont back you up just saying they will aloud you the op to look like a jackass and then laugh at your expense.Start at the bottom and work your way up.I dont know it all but I have learned that through continous training and hooking up with the wright people when we are out doing our thing it makes alot of difference in my confidence of my ability.Common sense will help out a hole lot as well.If you have more specific questions just ask I will not have all the answers and you may even have a Q that I never thought of but I will do what I can to find an answer and Im sure with the amount of people on the nation someone will have an answer.There is alot of very smart,well trained and experinced people here so fire away.
Get a real cool nickname.
Firefighters have nicknames. Not the ones you'll hear at a scene.
And listen.
Like every one else has said, keep training because you will NEVER know it all. I have been in the fire service for over 30 years & I still keep learning new things. I never stop training or stop looking for new things to train on. No matter how long you stay in the fire service, you will always learn something new at every call. Just last week I was the operations officer on a fire in a 2 story 120 year old balloon frame house. When we rolled up the whole front of the house was burning. It was rough going for a while, but after it was out & we looked at how this house burned, it actually taught us old guys ( who thought we knew alot) a few new lessons. So, you never will stop learning. The best three words you can count on are " LOOK, LISTEN, & LEARN "

Oh, and as far as a nick name, how about becomming the "Firehouse Mouse" ? If you ever studied mice, you will see that they are always in the backround observing, learning where & when it is safe to go & when & where it is not. They are always around, but not under foot, but are agressive about getting thier cheese. So why not become the firehouse mouse, constantly looking, listening, learning, & let training & education be the cheese that you are agressively seeking. Just my 2cents. Stay SAFE & have fun learning. But most of all remember "EVERYONE GOES HOME" !!!!!!!
I have a nickname....I have a few actually.......just depends on which firefighter you talk to....:)

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