I am just letting all of you know that on the 11th of next month is coming up soon meaning 9/11/01. I will never forget that day and my prayers goes out to those who died on that horific day. Also Firefighter angels watches over them every day and night. I again pray for our troops who are fighting over there every day.

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I just reviewed each of the 26 pages currently posted in this thread, and found several times that I asked you direct questions that you didn't answer at all.

You can find them fairly easily - One of them even has a video of crickets chirping embedded.

I see you're still consistent in giving yourself a pass on your own double standards.

Talk about playing games...
So you finally admit to a generalization after filling this debate with them for the past few days.

Thank you, I think.

On the other hand, "How do you see my comment pertaining to you.?"

I was unable to tell who it pertained to, since your generalization was vague and could have been construed in several different ways. That's why I asked the question. You know, the sentence that is a query and that ends with a question mark.

As for your insinuation that I fly one at home, I don't, and that's why I stated that if the comment was intended for me it was a lie.

"wow you really are paranoid (or taken with your own importance). " That's equine feces. You posted that statement as a direct reply to one of my posts, so your spin reply is disengenuous as well. It's also spin of the most desperate kind.
You have more free time than I do and, apparently, a greater need to prove something.
Jackie-boy, as usual, you're wrong, but consistently wrong in this debate.

My post was missing a "t".

Yours is missing any evidence of discernment.

Your focus on a typo while ducking my respone is prima facie evidence of the same.

You've outdone yourself - an ad hominem attack and a non sequitur in one run-on sentence.
If anyone wants a nice slide show (with bagpipe music to the tune of “Amazing Grace”) for a 9/11 ceremony or to introduce first responder or 9-1-1 training, here it is. The Virtual Learning and Educational Training Academy (www.vleta.net) recently updated the program. They have a link on the website of the Saline County Sheriff (www.salinecountysheriff.com). Or, you can go directly to YouTube. It’s titled "America Remembers September 11, 2001," and the link is http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LhJyp86ybeU.

Feel free to download or share this program.

Jim Simmerman, Director of Training
Saline County Criminal Justice Training Academy
Marshall, Mo.
660-886-7984 (direct phone)
james.simmerman@att.net (e-mail)
James, my wife and I saw the video from youtbue and we both like it a lot. I also support the troops. When I saw the video I had tears in my eyes because I just feel so bad for what happened that year.

Thank you very much.

Be safe.
MIGHT want to check the LATEST numbers. They alrady have MANY mosques in NYC. Build it somewhere else,
Doesn't. Some of us REMEMBER and a few more of us can read, By any chance have you perused the Kuran?
Well said Ben!
God bless the F.D.N.Y and all departments (FIRE/EMS/POLICE) everywhere, the one's who die/injured in structure fires, or wildland, water rescue, or the towers, any call, are equaly HERO'S in my eyes.
Wakeing that day to see what was on the tv was a devistation of reality, to feel safe was no longer. But after a while the shock wore off and i was more aware of what i was seeing, men and women running in to save those inside. What courage i thought, knowing that the integrety of thoses buildings has been comprimised. yet they kept on going.. now that im a FF, and probly never ever be in a situation close to the danger they met with, i realize now that it was their instinct that drove them in....not bravery, not glory, thats just in the eyes of the viewer, it was instinct...May God keep them and their family's in His arms..Amen

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