Hi -- I'm the producer of the Firehouse Video Training System and a former producer of American Heat. I am currently developing a series of Quick Clips (running time about 3 minutes each) to illustrate certain tactics, techniques and SOP's. The clips are meant to be used by a live instructor to augment his/her presentation.

I've completed Ground Ladders, Search and Rescue, Search with Rope Tether and a few others. I am interested in this groups' ideas as to what other topics you'd like to see covered in such a series. Also, if there area any departments in New Jersey, SE Pennsylvania which would like to participate, we really appreciate the gesture.

A collection of my current videos can be viewed here on Firefighter Nation or at Sony's crackle dot com/firehouse Answer here ot to taskforce2006@comcast.net Thanks in advance.

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how about firefighter bail outs?
how bout hose line advancment, hose rolls. And on your ground ladder video do you show ladder inspection procedures and maintanace? that might be something to add. even a video on operational checks for all types of scba's.
Thanks Jason and Turk -- I;ve got plenty of bail outs, maybe I could work that into a safety piece. I also like the idea of inspection and maintenance. Lou
Can you get it through SOME Firefighters heads that there is NO shame in calling "MAYDAY"....Calling "mayday" when a problem arrises allows precious time for your brothers/sisters to get to you BEFORE time is up...Don't hesitate.....it call always be cancelled if the problem is solved by you or your partner.....Have regular MAYDAY DRILLS and review how to call for a mayday....
Personally, I would love to see additional footage on standpipes and sprinkler connections that could be used in the classroom before going out to the drill field. I am trying to create my own video library but it is extremely difficult as a Training Captain for a paid department as large as mine.

I would also love to see additional information out there on elevator emergencies and "lock-out, tag-out" procedures...

If you want to chat directly, you can reach me at heedermg@cityofgainesville.org - we have a studio and produce our own television prgram in-house, but any support would be fantastic!
How bout a clip on safety while en route to the scene in the apparatus. We had a discussion on here the past couple days bout firefighter's jamming out to the radio in the apparatus while en route to the scene. One even said they listened to an ipod while on the fireground! Maybe a video on what can happen when you aren't fully alert while en route or on scene would be useful to some of the younger generation in the fire service. Someone needs to educate them before they get hurt or get someone else hurt.
Love to see basic stuff rookies can watch over and over. Flaking handlines, hydrant hook-ups stuff like that too. Our fire company is bunch of hams that love a new project so if your still looking for help we're in NJ and a great group of guys. Our website is www.eastwindsorfire.com, you can check out our fire videos, not much training but alot of fun!

Check out Bonfire Designs for firefighter t-shirts and EMT t-shirts...
How about something on Meth Labs?
Breeching walls, having to remove packs to get through small areas leaving your mask in place - techniques you can use when entangled.... We have a "mock" wall the Chief put together for us studs and beams we practice with. Step by step video and demo along with it would be helpful assist.
Thanks Cap,

Removing the bottle and harness while still breathing it can ve a very tricky maneuver. Thanks for the tip -- we'll include it as a stand-along clip in the series. Lou
Hey If your ever near Pittsburgh and need a local fire company for a video. Look us up. We would love to help with a video. We are a volunteer company located just outside of pittsburgh, Pa. We operate a Truck, an Engine and also have 2 squads. If your interested give our chief a call. Thanks Tim
Munhall VFC #5
1817 Whitaker Way
Munhall,Pa 15120
Chief Brian Verbanick
Thanks Tim -- we get out to P-burgh pretty often. Lou

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