Does your department require you to complete Emergency Vehicle Operations Course in order to start driving? I have been hearing as of late that not every department does. What are your thoughts about this and how do you feel about the EVOC course? What needs to be improved with it, where does it stive?

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We have to go Through an EVOC and then have a Refresher Course Every Year...
Although Our EVOC only covers driving we go through a Pumper Operations Course as well and have to keep that up to date..

EVOC a great Idea

Sgt King
in Ga. the academy has evoc but it stops at a one ton truck for the skid pad or driving course. they have a friction loss class and a pump service test class but no pump operators class. we have to have a class b non commercial liscene to drive anything with air brakes and over 26001 lbs. not cdl and the excemption is for farmers 150 miles hauling farm product, recreation vehicles, military, and fire depts. these can be obtained by simply taking a 20 question test. there is no way at 18 years this means they know how to drive much less how to pump the truck. lets forget the truck and talk about the pov first. this is what is used more than the engine in getting to a fire. on another thread here they talk about responding everything including the engine without lights and siren and when they get to the scene the turn on the lights when stopped. it takes away the rush and makes a safer response. might be something to think about.
here in my dept it is mandatory it helps, but they still wreck the do good on the test but still have no clue...... one of the kinks I am still trying to work out..... pump opps is mandatory to if you want to drive it you should know how to run it
Our department requires us to have Evoc or refresher every two years to maintain your status on the drivers list.
Not to start driving, We must pass a in-house traing class with a driver trainer, which includes pump operations and 10 hours of on road driving. We are just starting a EVOC program starting in late Febuary. All new fire App. grants must have an approved driver training in place for federal grants such as EVOC so thats why lots of departments are doing it now.
It is not a requirement as of yet but things are changing. Fortunately the majority of our drivers have had EVOC within the past couple of years.
We are in the process of creating a drivers list to be able to be a driver. the requirements to be on the list will be:
1: Be 21 years of age or older.
2- Evoc Certification, Certification to be updated every three years to start off with. Recert time might change.
3-To drive an engine you will need a minimum of pump ops 1
4- to drive the tanker you will need to be certified in rural water movement
5- Have a minimum of 5 hours of drive time in the truck you are being certified on. To be done with an officer.
6- All the above must be in place before you will be able to drive for a call. you will have to drive under emergency circumstances and be approved by an officer that you completed the task safely before making it onto "The List". Driving under an emergency situation sometimes shows a quality or qualities of a driver that you would never see under normal circumstances.
Yes we require it on all apparatus. Hughie The 57 House

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