Just wanted to know what your departments are using, and what you prefere? I am use to MSA, and with this new department I am with, we use Servive Air. I am not sure about it, since I have not had the chance to use it.

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My department uses MSA. The instructors at the Fire Academy I teach at use Scott. I really think that todays airpacks are all good. They certainly all have their individual plusses and minuses. The key is training with what you have and being intimately familiar with it so that it something goes wrong you are comfortable with what is on your back and what you can do to remedy the situation!
Here in St Louis we use Survivair. Most of us don't like them. We call them "surprise air".
Most of our packs are 2.2's the truck has 4.5's. They all have integrated pass, HUD and RIT fittings.
We use MSA and used to have scotts The only issue I have with the MSA is the batteries in the face pieces on the heads up and talk ae always going down, I like the scott idea of one battery location controls all but as far as the pack goes we have had no problem at all
Why do you say that???
What kind of probles are you having with Survivair??
While in college and a part of a fire science student group I had the opportunity to use numerous kinds of airpacks since we were student funded we took anything we could get. They all have pros and cons. From MSA (belt mounted and mask mounted regulator), Interspiro, Survive Air, Drager, and Scott I have found Scott to be the best. Best face peice most comfortable best features etc

Both dept. I am on are using MSA MMR(Mask Mounted Regulator) and they are ok nto the best but not the worst.
Here in Bellevue NE, we use Interspiro's. All the departments around us use either SCOTT or MSA. Not many of us on my department actually like our packs, they're to big and still quite heavy, but the dept. won't switch to a different pack.
I'm from stlfd (st. Louis mo city) we have survive air...(I think thats what you are asking about) google 'surprise air' that is what many others who have used them call them...most who have used them no longer use survive air...why...at first there was a proplem with the first stage failing and leaking...then a problem with the exhalation port in the facepiece failing. i experienced the first stage regulator failing 6 different times on the same rig and this harness was sent for repair 10 times before it was deadlined. Unfortunatly more problems exist with survive air including the integrated pas (compas) failing when it gets wet. survive air may have its mere existence threatened due to two law suits filed by widows of two firefighters who died in the spring of 02 here in st louis (search mo state circut court angela martin v survive air adjudicated fall 07 and laura morrison v survive air settled out of court while the jury was deliberating.) both widows recieved multi million dollar settlements. also search the NIOSH report on lodd of 2 ff in st. louis on 5/2/02 the final report speaks of the mask failure i think.

Essentially I think survive air is pure junk (strickly my opinion...do some searchs and decide for your self )and no ff shold ever be forced to wear these scba's but stlfd is still using them, but our mayor says he wants to find the money to replace all the survive air scba's... unfortunately Our outgoing cfd did nothing about the survive air issue because he feared he would be caught up in the litigation with the widows and as a result we have had them since 2000 even though we knew by 02 that they where pure junk (again opinion). To be fair the out going cfd sherman george did not contract for the masks his predicessor Neil Svetanics did...but that is no excuse for not fixing the problem in my opinion.
terry...if your fd is using these things please investigate this scba and try to get some facts and do the right thing...also do a search for the st. louis post dispatch and search their archives for the reporting on the angela martin and laura morrison cases. If after doing some reasearch you agree with me then approach your chief (cfd to me) and try to do the right thing.
see mike newbury's post
In my Fd we use Scott 50 and soon the new Scott 75 (the same bot new one) We use at 2200 psi. But in my area... south of Province of Quebec it a MSA they use. I really like the Scott because of is vibralert low pressure in the detender of facial part instead of bell in the back of MSA. And the prescription glass adapter for the Scott AV-3000 facial part are really nice... for a FF like me... with a lack of vision... i can't wear my contact lenses all the time.

I put some pics oc Scott Air-Pak... the NxG7 replace the NxG2 (they are the top of Scott)
The Scott 75 replace the Scott 50
We had the scott 4.5 untill we got a grant last year then we upgraded to the NXG2 with the buddy breathing and fast team connection. The only thing i dont like with the nxg2 is you have to change the batterys every couple of months.
We Have The Scott NxG2's & WE HATE THEM! WE HAVE NEVER HAD ALL OF THEM IN SERVICE @ THE SAME TIME! They are always out for one reason or another.One Stopped working after IT GOT WET!,We had batteries blow up in another.And Pass Alarm Problems on others. However we DO NOT Have the Buddy breathing set up.I believe we have the FAST set up.I personally Like The Quick Connect Bottles,but I dont like the shape of the new masks,I lose the seal every time I try to communicate.Mostly my chin pops out of the damn things,it happens with all sizes of the new masks.They are nothing but a pain in the a**.The Worst Part Is Scott WILL NOT REPLACE THEM,They Say The PROBLEMS ARE OUR FAULT,DUE TO "MISUSE".Something to think about huh?

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