Just wanted to know what your departments are using, and what you prefere? I am use to MSA, and with this new department I am with, we use Servive Air. I am not sure about it, since I have not had the chance to use it.

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We use Scotts thats low pressure 2216 psi other towns around us are using high pressure MSA's. I have to say ive never heard of Servive Air are they a new company?
I had never heard of Servive Air either until I got to this department. They are the only one's using it in the county.
As of 3 years ago we use scott 45 packs, with the help of a grant.
Before that we used any brand we could find that we could aford.
we had MSA, SCOTT, GLOBE, and even SERVIVE AIR, the servive air
model we used was RANGER they were very dependble aand worked
very well. I stele like them myself.
we use MSA high pressure most of the departments around this area use MSA
Survive Air has been around forever. They are also part of US Divers that manufacture some of the best scuba equipment in the world. Which MSA are you using? Stealth, Panther, or one with the elephant trunk hose that hooks into a belt mount regulator. I am also a Scott Certified Technician and have used Scotts for over 20 years starting with the old 2A and know have the Scott 50's with HUD. They are great but the Stealth from MSA is a great unit also since they got the recall problems worked out. Scott 2.2 or 4.5 are pretty much the standard I find around here alot.

we are using the stealth side to connect with heads up displays and buddy breather quick connects the packs sure beat the old 401s with the belt mount regulator we have 1 hour bottles and also some 45 min. bottles I wish they would come out with a 10 min. bottle for us old guys lol
We use the Stealth MSA's. they are good.
We have scott 45 what improvments are in the 50s?
Ours have HUD, Intergrated pass; buddy breather, Rit fill valve And voice amps.
Scott's 4.5, Our Officers and Chiefs have the upgrade with the LED hud for air management.
We also use Scott's Pony bottles for our tech rescue team.

Surrounding departments are mainly Scott also with a few MSA's tossed in there.

I love Scott, esp with the new AV-3000 masks (straps attached to the rubber of the mask). I think they are more comfortable then the AV-2000's (straps attatched to plastic of mask)
We use MSAs now. We used to have Scotts. I really like putting the quick fill valve on the shoulder. It makes it a lot easier to get to when your using it during firefighter down scenerios.

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