I have to ask because I am mad! I work for a F/T EMS service and I am a retired FF/Medic who has a question. How many Fire/EMS services still use 10 codes. I hate hearing 10-5 when you clear at a call. I think and thought that things were suppose to change follwing 9/11. Am I wrong? I guess what concerns me the most is that I was a carear FF/Medic in S.C and then moved back up north and started to run F/T EMS and the codes are diffrent. Is anyone also running into this problem?

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Codes are a relic from the days of non-verbal communications (telegraphs and Morse code). 10-codes were originally a way to communicate concepts in fewer syllables, but when you say "10-18" instead of "Responding" the syllable count is 3 either way you state it.

Any code is a barrier to communication to anyone that doesn't "know the code". Thus, codes are an inherent barrier to communication. We don't need barriers, we need to mean what we say, say what we mean, and say it in a way that everyone can understand.

With encrypted communications being the norm, the cops don't even have the "maybe the crooks will listen in" excuse any more, even though some of them still have that in the "go to" bag.

A list of standardized plain English is the way to go, NIMS or no NIMS.
Plain english is good?!?

Put a cajun and a jake from south Boston on the air at the same time, THEN tel me about plain english...

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