I have to ask because I am mad! I work for a F/T EMS service and I am a retired FF/Medic who has a question. How many Fire/EMS services still use 10 codes. I hate hearing 10-5 when you clear at a call. I think and thought that things were suppose to change follwing 9/11. Am I wrong? I guess what concerns me the most is that I was a carear FF/Medic in S.C and then moved back up north and started to run F/T EMS and the codes are diffrent. Is anyone also running into this problem?

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We all still use 10 codes down here in Mississippi. Its supposed to stop as of next year, thats what I have heard.
Our EMS department no longer use 10 codes. The volunteer fire departments are supposed to quit using them but they are having a difficult time remembering. I think a lot of departments are going away from them because they are not universal.
NIMS (which we're all supposed to be using) calls for the end of 10-code usage.

Where I was in Georgia, they had offically gone to plane-language radio traffic, but there were still a few hold-outs who would use both (i.e. "Scene clear 10-5."), but they were quickly giving that up because is was impractical when everyone else is only using plain language.

Thanks guys/gals. At least I know it is just not me. I lobe it in New England (NH) but man they are like a 100 light years away when it comes to communcations
Love is what I meant to type.... LOL
10 codes were supposed to be eliminated when everyone became NIMS compliant. (2 years ago)
Yeah, here you would have just told dispatch to "Repeat traffic."
10-Codes are apparently NOT universal from system to system.
No we left 10 codes behind long ago!!
that is the main reason 10 codes are a thing of the past///so everyone can understand everyone else.....plain english is the way to go
Hey, if anyone has taken the National Incident Command Classes then they would know that the 10 codes are not to be used. We are still going to have the problem until everyone realize that this needs to be discontinued and everyone uses clear text. It will make everything run alot better and then when something major happens we will all know what to do.
part of the problem is reateaching the older members of the departments. Many have had the 10 codes ingrained in them for decades and respond with them without thinking. I've been on 14 years and still automatically respond with some of the 10 codes (although I've been making a concious effort to us plain english).

the younger members of our department are much better at using plain english. I figure it will take at least a generation of firefighters to pass to vitually eliminate the use of 10 codes.

We are still holding strong onto those damn things here in Madison County
Its nothing to hear EC 10 Getting 10-8 10-10 refrence Transfer ..
I personally hate them and try to refrain from using them as much as possible although I have been scolded a few times by Upper administration
I hate them because it almost certainly turns into a Cluster when working with other agencies

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