Hi there.I am a wholetime firefighter in England.Can anyone tell me if its straight forward to transfer to america,canada or oz?,or if i would have to do the whole recruitment process again?. wayne,white watch,sprowston (norfolk).England.

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My small Dept. (WIsconsin) doesn't allow any lateral transfers. You would have to go through the entire recruit process. Bigger cities may have transfers in. I have seen employment ads from California that allow for that.
cheers mate,don't suppose you can point me in the right direction of those employement adds?
Wayne I am in Perth Western Australia and we are one of the few brigades that have lateral transfers, but it depends on rank and the the whole recognition of prior lerning can take for ever.
cheers Garth. perhaps if I ring your headquarters direct,they might shed some light on the official policy. I dont suppose you could give me the number?,much appreciated mate,take care.

First' what type of Dept. are you employed by Military/Federal Civilian or other. If you are then there is the possibility of lateral transfer. With permisions and paper work approval through the Cheifs.  Find a willing person/firefighter to transfer I have just recently started searching for persons willing to transfer under a lateral. Let me know or if you know of anyone willing too.

Im living in ireland wayne and thinking of doing the same.it s hard enough to get any info on this type of transfer all over!

Hi Wayne'
I just sent you a friend request once you accept then I can send you a message and I can help you out as much as I can. I worked and have friends from your neck of the woods. We can talk just let me know, I would be glad to help.

Hi Derik. Thanks for the request mate. My situation has changed now, i am still a career firefighter in Norwich but probably not going to look to transfer for a few years yet now. I dont know if i can be bothered with the whole recruitment bollocks again !, unless there is a straight transfer to somewhere that I like, without all the bullshit.

Mate, i am too old for all the recruitment bollocks again, but a hassle free transfer, with training on their kit, procedures etc would be good and something I would have to seriously think about. Hows life in Ireland ?

Regarding " I dont know if i can be bothered with the whole recruitment bollocks again !, unless there is a straight transfer to somewhere that I like, without all the bullshit..."

This might be a shocker but it is extremely competitive here for good paying firefighter positions. Recently we had tens of thousands of applicants take the entry exam for a handful of full time positions. Many were experienced firefighters and officers and paramedics already but that is the process. Chances are greater that you will win the EuroMillions Lottery jackpot sooner than you will get a lateral transfer to a paid position here in the States...

Good luck either way!


I will go ahead and tell you guys that I have experience working with the British. I work at a contract job where we have American Firefighters, British Firefighters and other nations working with us. British Fire certs do not transfer to any of the NFPA certs like IFSAC PROBOARD or DOD.Also if you are any thing like the guys that I work with stay in London. Dont take me the wrong way I know there is good guys out there but according to all the British guys I work with, which is most of the fire dept, thinks the American way is shit and we do things wrong. They hate our truck and call all our ways unsafe and stupid. You wouldnt hold a job that long. They are lucky here cause all our management is British. 

Good Luck

I could see some issues with transfers because, as I understand it, the way that we fight fire and the way fire is fought accross the pond is very different. Part of those differences are driven by building construction, but there seems to be some very large philispohical diffrences regarding operations.


I'm not saying it couldn't happen, but there are not many paid departments in the US that will take a straight up transfer from another department in this country without testing, the hiring process and the academy, let alone from across the pond..

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