I was just wondering if anyone had any suggestion or opinions on knee pads for firefighting. Not just for trainings and whatnot, but able to be used on actual calls. We did a training yesterday and I thought I was just a little out of shape, but man are my knees screaming. The "knees" in my turnout gear are not wore out or anything as the gear isn't that old. But I was wondering if anyone uses knee pads, and if they've found any somewhat inexpensive ones that can be worn possibly over turnout gear. Or if not, maybe underneath. Just looking for ideas and opinions. Thanks.


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Thanks for the info. I guess the reason I was asking is because I will have to use something fire retardant as our fire gear is. We can't use anything unless its NFPA approved. We don't have a concrete tower to practice in. We've been using a very expensive house that someone is tearing down. (Can't believe what people will tear down to rebuild). Hard wood floors really don't feel too well when your doing firefighter missing exercises. Was thinking under turnouts would be pretty easy, but not sure how quick they can be put on when responding to a call. I dont know if they stay in place, or if you have somewhat of adjusting to do.
Be careful when selecting knee pads of any kind. The materials that construct the knee pads could be potentially more hazardous than the impact on your knee's from being on the floor. Companies that produce PPE have optional knee padding that is made of the material that will match your bunker pants.
Globe firegear has a semi-new knee pad avaiable for their gear called silizone...seems pretty decent. contact your local gear rep and have them bring you some to try it out.you'' see a diff right quick.

take care
Knee pads... they're not just for getting promotions anymore! But seriously, our gear has the knee pads built in, and they're replacable. Stay safe!
When you bid out your next sets of turnout gear see if they will add insert holes for pads on the inside of the turn out. there are several brands of throwaway pads that construction uses.

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