After reading the discussion on ppe i wanted to start another one
.Our department is a combo dept,career and volly,we pay our people for training meetings and all calls.If the training is at the training grounds ,they are giving a choice,full ppe or go home and fire calls the same way,dress out or go home without pay for the call.This seems to have fixed our problem with ppe

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I'm glad that you're Department was able to fix the PPE problem, but at the same time I'm saddened by the fact that it was neccessary at all. It's the year 2008 and there are still those in the Fire Service that refuse to wear their PPE! I wonder what would happen if they refused to pay death benefits for a member who was not wearing the proper PPE?
I have thought about that idea myself no PPE no benefits. Won't work "it won't happen to them " ask them they will tell you. Go on to fire fighter near miss reporting system and look at all the near misses because they were not wearing their PPE or wearing it but not properly. It will be a eye opener. I myself could share a few times I would have been injured if it had not been for my PPE on a drill night. If they won't wear it for themselves they should wear it for family and friends. No one wants to lose a family member or friend. I don't even know why we are having the PPE and seatbelt discussion it should be a no brainer and don"t forget blowing through intersections. 6 civilians dead this year so far. I'll get off my soap box. I have only been the fire service 7 years I am not the hard core firefighter of a decade ago. I am an aggressive firefighter,but my crews safety is first and formost. Their emergency not ours and I want to go home when it is over.
It is not money for protection. They are not wearing there PPE so they are saying wear it or go home. Safety is free IF you choose to use it. Apparently some are not choosing to come to the fire ground prepared, ie wearing PPE. I know I would not want to tell a family member you no longer have a spouse or child because they decided they did not need a helmet and was hit in the head and killed.
With most of the departments in my area being stuck in 1975, its pretty typical to see folks show up onscene without SOME part of their PPE on. Its a HUGE topic for our agency. We finally had to add a PPE section to our SOPs. This way we can take corrective action. Otherwise, it was just us bitching about it.

I somewhat agree with the NO PPE, NO INSURANCE. I mean, I know that these folks are paying the ultimate price, but maybe they wouldn't have if they had been protected. Its easier to explain to my folks that their families will get the SHAFT if they don't wear their PPE.
It's the only way to have it.

Wearing PPE is bit like being pregnant- you either are or your aren't!!!!
After this post has been on here for a few day,i see we are not the only dept with ppe issues. I am the training officer for my dept and it really was an issue till it got into everyone back pocket and it got better fast.ppe does work and it has saved me from burns many times in the past .spread the word,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,PPE IS A MUST!!!!!!
OK,everyone !!!!alert!!!! January,2009,no more helments in the cab of fire trucks unsecure....Nfpa 1901,go read up on it.if you have them in the cab,they have to be secure,but not on your head,and not holding them in your lap
Supposedly, our insurance through my Department gives us an extra $100,000 if we're killed in an apparatus crash and we have our seatbelt on. The same thing could be done for a member killed in the line of duty while weearing full PPE. It's a shame we have to even discusss ways to "make" members wear their PPE in 2008! Just my 2 cents. Stay safe!
there is federal monies out there for lodd wearing full ppe,go research it
I don't see any need for bribery or threats to get people to wear their PPE. As one writer has said, get it into your SOP's, and then it's simple. Officer sees someone improperly dressed, they get ordered off the fireground.
Yes, there'll be resistance. I've struck it in my Brigade - people wearing incorrect boots (some like the old style boots here) and I just kept saying how those boots aren't allowed on the fireground. I'm not an officer and a long serving officer was one of the culprits. But my words had the desired effect - the boots are no longer being worn. I see people not wearing gloves, I tell them. Whatever.
We're all responsible for safety, and I don't care if I annoy people :)

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