Alright, given the amazing closet 80's Rock music fans that appear to have reared their heads on this site, let's have some fun over the coming days.

I'll come up with some questions about 80's rock music- the bands, the fans and the lyrics and other related stuff- so put your thinking hats on and let's play, "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire: 80's Rock Style".

Question 1
Name the band, the album and the song title that features the lyrics-

Rise up gather round
Rock this place to the ground

For a bonus point, provide the lyrics to the entire song....

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Darn it...missed the boat again!!! I must be in the wrong time zone!
Shawn you are not the only one. We are going to have to be up at the crack of dawn to beat smarty pants there... :oP
That was one reason why I suggested what I did. That's's kind of like playing trivia and beat the to speak!
Yeah, I'll just have to pay attention a little more..
Ooops, you are right, I promise not to forget that again. Thanks Lady Chaplain for the reminder...
I've gotta say that I'm pretty impressed with Engineco- is there anyone else out there?

Question 4
Who Am I/Who Are We?

We kicked off our career in 1982.

In 1985 we signed to Mercury/Polygram Records.

Our debut album was released in 1986.

Our first tour was with Poison in 1986, opening for Loudness.

Who Am I/Who Are We?
Loudness was a Japanese rock band!!!
lmao you beat me by about a minute my friend. Well Done!!!
Woohoo! There is someone else out there!!!!! Well done Shawn.

Question 5.
Which song featured the lyrics-

Chasing the red-skins back to their holes
Fighting them at their own game.
Murder for freedom the stab in the back

Name the song, the band and any album it appeared on.
run to the hills by iron maiden On "Edward the Great"
any albums?

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