Alright, given the amazing closet 80's Rock music fans that appear to have reared their heads on this site, let's have some fun over the coming days.

I'll come up with some questions about 80's rock music- the bands, the fans and the lyrics and other related stuff- so put your thinking hats on and let's play, "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire: 80's Rock Style".

Question 1
Name the band, the album and the song title that features the lyrics-

Rise up gather round
Rock this place to the ground

For a bonus point, provide the lyrics to the entire song....

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Ok I will give you all a shot for the next couple I got a softball game to go to. :) be well and stay safe
Ah I have to jump in because I could have sworn years ago I had read that Reb Beach was a Baltimore native???????? You know way back in my teen years when Kip Winger was like GOD and I wanted to marry
Welcome Heather.........
Ok, lets try this..

Question #7
Name the group that was noted for their live performances having an energetic atmoshere

Who is the lead singer of the group

What was the name of the particularly memorable tour and the year of the tour

What was the last studio album made by the band and when was it released
Hank Williams Sr. Hahahaha. I dont have a clue on this one
I bet Engineco913 will get it right though.
I was hoping to have it be someone else... LOL
LOL yeah I hear ya. He does all of em but I have never heard of the energetic atmosphere before. I dont know..............
Keep trying, you will shoot yourself when the answer is revealed. I don't want to give it away to soon...
Queen Was well known for having live performances that had an energetic atmosphere.

The Lead Singer was Freddie Mercury.

The particularly memorable performance was at Live Aid where the entire crowd joined in for a deafening show. Their most popular tour was "the game tour" in 1980. (went with queens popularity being at an all time high)

Their Last CD was Greatest Hits (We Will Rock You Edition) and that was released in 2004
DAYUM IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oh well i guess i suck then. Hahaha
Good job Engineco
Ooops, I am sorry the first tweo answers are correct. the last 2 are not the answers that I am looking for... :oP

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