What influnced you to join the fire and ems service? Was it by watching emergency or any other first response series? Was it generations of family service? Was it the desire to help people? if so tell us about it.

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God bless you darlin, I would probably be the same way, I don't have the backing like you do, but I Love the firefighting stuff. The Fire Department is my strong backing!!!!! I am sure your mom is very proud of your accomplishments and what you do. She may have gray hair at an early age LOL, but she loves you just the same. Good luck in the future with all you do. Be safe and have fun. Amy
thanks :)
I am a frist gen. firefighter/emt. i joined the fire service to help my community. my little town has given me so
much .i wanted to give something back. the fire service seemed like the perfect way to. i loved every minute of
it from calls to traning to just hangin around the fire hall.
1) I needed more navy blue shirts in my closet.

2) I wanted to serve something bigger than myself and make the world a little better of a place than how I found it..

3) I have (self diagnosed) short attention span and doing the same office job day in and day out for 30 years sounded like it would suck.

4) I already drove like a fireman.

5) I wanted to live off of Spagetti-O's for the rest of my life.

6) All the pee, poop, and puke I could ever ask for.

7) I wanted to experience things that most people dont in a life time.

8) I wanted to live out the fantasy of every 5 year old boy (driving the big red truck).

9)Stupid people are job security.

10) I didnt want do spend my life doing paperwork -- Ha! That bit me in the ass,
BWAHAHAHAH thats awesome!!! with the way most of the guys at my station cook (you'd think it'd make sense to let the GIRL who can actually make real food and doesn't screw up mac n cheese cook... .but noooooo, they're stubborn) I just may in fact be living of spaghettios the rest of my life.......

mind if I yank the list?? ............. I have a walk in closet and theres A dress in there only cuz they made me wear one to the banquet..... whole rest is jam packed with FD uniform and PD uniform crap...... heh
by yank, I take it you mean copy? Feel free. I have a dress in my closet too. But hell, I was young, confused, in college, and desperately needed the money. *Sigh*

(I should stress: I am kidding! I am also a self diagnosed wise ass). :)
haha thats great.... aww mannnnnnnn you were jokin? the pictoral evidence woulda been SO funny though!!! :D
I do think that i was far to young to see Emergency, but i did watch rescue 911 when i was a kid. That, however, did not influnence me to be in EMS. In high school i took a class called Health Occupations in which seniors that were intrested in the health care field got to go to clinical sites and see what all aspects of working the business was like. Well when i took the class i knew that i just wanted to do physical therapy and was so MAD that i Had to go to the ambulance for 2 days. I went the first day and we sat around and did nothing but when i went in on my second day i ran a call and that was it for me. I LOVED every minute of it. From that point on I found myself trading days with the other kids just to come back. So when H.S. was done and college began I dove head first in to EMS. I loved it 5 1/2 years ago when i started and I still love it now!!!
it ran in the family my dad and his lil bro where in the fire dept and my grand mom was the firest woman fire in the dept and i join becase the lack of members and to help my town
Honestly, I joined the fire service with the intentions of becoming a paramedic some day. As a little girl , I would watch the Fire Engines tear out of the door..sirens blasting and i told my dad thats what I wanted to be when I grew up, he just said...i dont think so...well...all that meant to me is, if you want it , youll work to get it done. So, I did ...This is right where I want to be.I love the people,I love my house,and I love my brothers and sisters....it is the family I never knew I had but im glad i found.
Just about everybody that I have known, watched Emergency. I myself never watched the show. I have not even heard of the show until about 5 years after I have gotten into the fire service. Even after that, I have not watched not one episode.

I have gotten into the fire service when I was 15. At the time I was living next door to my Captain. He told me when crew night was and for me to come up. Next thing I know, I was in fire gear, looking at a pile of tires on fire. All he said was, "get as close to the fire has you can, then open the nozzle". I got so close that he was the one that opened the nozzle. Ever since then, I had a passion to fight fire, save lives and be there for the community. I went to fire school, got basic and structual firefighting and became the youngest on the company to go into building fires.

I tried other jobs (customer service, moving companies etc...), never felt satisfied than being around fire/ems.
Honestly its in my blood. My father was a volunteer in upstate NY. He used to tell me stories of himstelf driving a wrecker with a red light on the boom, but what made me do it was in was at home one day and there was wreck in front of my house and i went out and seen the guys work and since then i was hooked ive only been doin this for 10 months now and I may be in a station that gets approx 6 to 12 calls a month but I love every minute of it.

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