I've wondered about this before, an drecently I heard someone else mention it. These days cars are getting quieter inside, especially luxry cars, making it harder to hear sirens from a distance. These same cars typically have a warning system that alarms the driver when backing up if they ge tto close to something. Around here most of the traffic lights have sensors on them that are set to turn all lights to red except the one facing the direction the emergency vehicle is coming from. It works by recognizing a certain frequency of flashing lights that all the emergency response vehicles operate. This could very easily be integrated into the backup sensor warnign system found on may cars today. Or better yet, one that would work off of the sound of sirens. Such a system could warn drivers before they hear the sirens themselves and give them more time to make way for emergency vehicles, by beeping and turning down/off the stereo.

Has anyone else thought of something like this, or heard of a system in developement that would serve thsi purpose?

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With today's technology, it should be pretty simple to design a system that can detect a vehicle warning siren and automatically mute the sound system, light a warning light, whatever. It could even fit inside the vehicle's on board computer.

This has some potential although it could easily be defeated or ignored. Also, if someone puts their own mega-sound system in they wouldn't be obligated to hook it up.

I guess we'll have to keep on keeping on, driving with due regard, stopping at stop signals/signs, and all that.
been a long time over due but i agree that the big three and over seas won't pay for this. the problem is big with a car driving 35 mph and the windows up you can out drive an electronic siren in like 200 feet or so. need to check on that distance but it is not far. the law says that you have an automatic and audible, takes out the feceral and the air horn both move traffic better. just remember that osha is out there and protecting stupid, so until we take stupid out we will have to do the best we can.
I started this thread as aresponse from hearing of a man that was killed because he pulled out in front of a LEO with lights and sirens on. In this particular case the officer was in the wrong, but I think everyone would have been happier if the man ha d abetter chance of knowing what was coming his way. Cars nowadays have so much sound insulation, that even with no music playing its still hard to hear sirens until they are right behind you somethimes.

Yes given the financial situation of the big three right now, I dont see them investing any money in an option that no one will think they need. But, all cars in america have third brake lights, not because people want them, or automakers thought it was a good idea, but because they were forcded to put them there by national regulations. Same deal with the on board, miles per gallon displays being installed on cars now.
I think it would be a very valuable option to have in future automobiles. I do know that some of the newer models of radar detectors have emergency vehicle warnings built-in to them. I know this because I know of one that doe sit.
in my opinion i dont really see this going into cars anytime soon but i have heard that the NYPD is testing you a new FED SIG siren called the Rumbler its suppose to send sound waves that actually vibrate the inside of your car i dont know how well it works but i would think this is probably the way that your going to see more then trying to get the car companies to add another thing to there already jam packed vehicles
Would not be suprised with modern technology

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