What can you as a Firefighter do to help me as a Disabled person escape from a fire!

Please I'm asking this as a question that most of my friends think and feel. We need to be safe, plus I'm righting an article about this question getting both sides of the story is the best way. "Thank You for taking the time to help me in my research!"

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WELL....How do I put this to be politically correct....? OK , I think I have it.....If you are in there and cannot get out....we WILL come in and carry your A$$ out....one way or another....rest assurred that we WILL get it done....Why..?? Because thats what we do.....paid or volunteer...day or night.....sun or rain/snow.....Our forefathers did it before us and our sons/daughters will do it after we are gone....Yes, it is a very proud tradition that we swear to uphold and maintain.....Stay safe and rest well.....we are here...........Paul
Thank you Paul,
Firefighting Canada is having me write an article on safe ways to help disabled persons escape esaier from a fire. I know how you feel and understand what you say. But there is a way and a trick to everything to make it for sure and easier on the back of a firefighter or more. I wanna help you and my friend carry our A$$ out of the event of a fire.
Dont know where you can get them from but I have seen window decals that alert firefighters that this window is the window of a child or disabled persons bedroom and as Paul states rest well even if you are not in your bedroom at the time the fire breaks out we WILL make entry we WILL find you and we will get you to safety one way or another.
I would add that fire prevention is a great way to start. Fires that don't start don't have to be extinguished.

Then, make sure smoke detectors are plentiful and in good operating condition. An alarm system that automatically transmits a smoke or heat detector activation would be better still. The quicker a fire is discovered and reported, the better.

If you are able to move, when an alarm activates it would be a good idea to try to proceed toward a labeled door or window. You'll be found a lot faster if you're near a door as opposed to in the middle of a room or apartment.
Here is something that I have taught to hundreds of nurses and it would work for us too. The hospital or nursing home setting is ideal because of the highly polished tile floors. In a pinch I’m sure that you can make it happen even on carpeting.

Pull the blanket off of the person and lay it out on the floor. Make sure to kick some of it under the bed. Grab the person’s legs and slide them off the bed onto the blanket. Now grab the person under the arms and try your best to cradle their head between you upper arms. It doesn’t matter how big they are or how small that you are, this is kind of a controlled fall onto the blanket. Remember to try and protect their head. Once down on the ground toss the edges of the blanket over them, grab a corner, now drag!

In a perfect world I would radio my position and that I had someone. If help was available great! If not get-r-done!
Thank you I know of the decals, it used to be for toddlers so firefighters knew where they are located. But I heard that criminals used them to hurt the child and I also heard that the decals were not removed after the toddler is no longer in the dwelling which made it difficult for firefighters.
Thank you J Mac, know this kind of thing is what I'm looking for!
Not bad but I hope it is not the same as the window decals, I'll do more research. Thank you FireSiren
Thank you Joe, I hear and know what you say is true but you can have all the alarm in the world but there could be some sort of problem that makes it impossible for a bed ridden Special needs person escape when its to late!
Thanks again then it will be up to the home owners to take care of the decals. Have you heard of a Voluntary Registry. Where the person with special needs can fill out for the fire dept.,and the chief could inturn put it on a lap top to be brought up when arriving at a fire which tells the chief all he needs to know!
thank you todd you have been amzing with the help you just gave me.
Now that is what this whole question answer article is about trying to get the proper band fast way to get the chief to look at his towns registry to help the challenged personj fast! thank you very much.

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