what would you do when a contentious member constantly disrupts a meeting?

a member constantly disrupting meetings over trivial issues.

personality conflicts will always happen when changing a command and people need to learn to accept that change.

when you get officers developing a power hungry attitude it severely puts other members off and usually gets them voted out of office. But that is no excuse to nit pick issues to death, This wastes time and breeds dissention in the ranks.

your crew needs to function as a well oiled machine and it cannot do so when personal conflicts are involved.

This also extends to mutual aid!

How many of you have ever had issues develop between your house and that of another department?

Departmental competition tends to throw monkey wrenches into the works. and often is a detriment when mutual aid is needed.

Ive seen a neighboring department call us for mutual aid rather than calling a department much closer to them.

their reasoning was conflict between an officer from the other dept.

lets face it guys and gals the public depends on us for rapid response and there is no place for departments fighting one another.

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