I was just wondering what the laws of your state say for POV's to have emergency lights and sirens. I live in Maine where we have very strict laws in reference to POV's and emergnecy lights, you can have two red or white lights in the grill OR 1 in the window if it is not obstructing your view. You have no special laws for responding and people do NOT have to pull over for you if they dont want. Also your not aloud sirens. I've been giving thought to moving to another state and I am hoping to see about your local rules and regulations.

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INDIANA- you can run blue lights or blue & clear. No siren. Air Horn is permitted. It is a courtesy light only and must drive with due regard. Can not break any traffic laws. No limit to the amount or type of lights used. Must have a permission card from your fire chief with signature. Not considered an emergency vehicle. No longer has to be 360 degrees, but it is a good idea. EMS services may use a green light on their POV after they apply for a permit through the state. Green lights are considered emergency vehicle and you shall give the right of way to a green light. No siren. Air Horns are permitted. Green lights and blue lights can not be put on the same vehicle together if you are a firefighter/emt.

Stay safe brothers!
Brandon #73
on the vfd i used to be on u have 2 have completed ppe wildland and intro and also have ur probationary period finished as well as have taken emergency vehicle driving. don't what the light laws are for arkansas though if anyone knows them please email them 2 me at oghsmascot06@yahoo.com
Here in N.J., we can only have blue lights on our car, no matter what type they are including strobes. No sirens,etc. We need to have a NJ permit filled out every 5-years signed by the fire chief, and kept in the car.We used to only use so much candel power, but now the state dont care anymore. You can have your car lit up like a X-mas tree. We must also obey all traffic signals. In most cases the other cars will pull over, but they don'y have to. Only the Asst chiefs and fire chief can use any type of red lights.
In AR. we are allowed to run lights but as with many others we must have a siren. You can have as many lights as you wont but you must follow all traffic laws but most cops will allow you to preform a rolling stop and you can also do the same at stop lights however you can be issued a sitation for doing it.
In Georgia you can run lights but they must be red or white(visable 360)and must have audible deivice as well. After you do all that you must submit an application to the state for a sticker to go in your window(has to be signed off by your fire chief).
Does anyone know that Emergency lights laws for California/Los Angeles County?
Authorized Emergency Vehicle
165. An authorized emergency vehicle is:

(a) Any publicly owned and operated ambulance, lifeguard, or lifesaving equipment or any privately owned or operated ambulance licensed by the Commissioner of the California Highway Patrol to operate in response to emergency calls.

(b) Any publicly owned vehicle operated by the following persons, agencies, or organizations:

(2) Any forestry or fire department of any public agency or fire department organized as provided in the Health and Safety Code.

(c) Any vehicle owned by the state, or any bridge and highway district, and equipped and used either for fighting fires, or towing or servicing other vehicles, caring for injured persons, or repairing damaged lighting or electrical equipment.

(d) Any state-owned vehicle used in responding to emergency fire, rescue or communications calls and operated either by the Office of Emergency Services or by any public agency or industrial fire department to which the Office of Emergency Services has assigned the vehicle.
(f) Any vehicle for which an authorized emergency vehicle permit has been issued by the Commissioner of the California Highway Patrol.

I deleted some of the sections that aren't pertinant. In CA, unless your vehicle is owned by a public agency, you would need to get a permit from the CHP. And they aren't going to give one to a POV. So I've been told
Washington State laws are weird here to me. I think they can only run green lights in their pov, but their tow trucks here have red lights just like fire trucks??? So at night at a distance you don't know if it's a firetruck or a tow truck.
Don't know where you got that info but it is only partially true. TX allows only red lights and no siren for VFD personnel. Look it up on the TXDOT web site under Texas Transportation Codes. I keep a copy in my POV.
Don't know where you got that info but it is only partially true. TX allows only red lights and no siren for VFD personnel. Look it up on the TXDOT web site under Texas Transportation Codes. I keep a copy in my POV.
Justin as of this time we do not have to have 360 in Tn the state is to trying to make that into law, you do not have to have the mayor's permission, just the chiefs, Vanessa K. Free law says at anytime you are moving lights and siren must be in use, red and white are preferred but we can also use amber, as far as notify your insurance co thats up to you, and yes only 10 miles over the speed limit. Chris ERCVFD
I recently joined a VFD here in east Texas and I heard different versions on warning systems for POVs. Knowing any law can't have different versions, I looked the state codes up. I interrupt the code as saying " a volunteer fire fighter responding to a fire/medical emergency in his/her POV can use a temporary red flashing light, no siren, and are exempt from speed limits and stop signs/lights as long as they don't endanger life or property. The responding POV is defined as a "emergency vehicle" and the public, by law, must yield", just don't always count on it. Sounds reasonable to me if you use common sense and think safety. Does anyone else read the TX transportation codes differently?

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