what is your volunteer department like? What type of equipment do you use? How many trucks do you have? Anything, share it

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Wellington VFD Wellington Texas

20 volunteers-Chief, Assistant Chief, 2nd Assistant Chief and 7 Lt's

900 square miles

avarage about 150 calls a year

1- 5000 gallon tanker Freightliner Conventional 89 i think

1- 1200 gallon tanker 1970 2 1/2 ton army truck

4- 1200 gallon brush trucks 2- 97 fords 2- 2 1/2 ton army trucks 74 and 76

1- 1250 pumper 85 E One

1- 1000 pumper 74 Ford

1- mobile command 85 Chevy (converted Tom's snack truck)

1- suburban 85
Bellevue Vol. Fire and Rescue
Bellevue NE

4 stations
Each station has 2 Engines(including 2 2500 gal pumper/tankers), an aerial, brush truck, and 2 ambulances
145 members
last year we ran 3200+ calls-fire and ems combined
my dept has 1 main station station 2 is a garage at public works
2000 crimson 105 ft ladder/pumper
1997 e-one structural fire pumper(also backup rescue pumper)
2006 crimson rescue pumper
chevy brush unit
2007 bobcat ATV(rescue/brush unit)
1979 reserve pumper(station 2)
I no longer vol, but my old unit had the following (BTW, we were a rescue unit only- no fire, etc):
100 members, 45 on pager at any one time
2x Rescue trucks (I beleive now running 3???)
1x Station wagon
1x 4x4
1x EOC (Caravan)

We were running an average of 800 calls per year, highest in my time was 1100

Also had about 10 Officers (Logistics, transport, rescue, administration, communications, PR, training, welfare, etc) plus 2IC's for each of them

30ish FF's (includes EMTS)

70 Square Miles

3 Stations

Central=93 Pumper
93 Mini Booster
old as dirt 6x6
North= 98 pick up truck
81 gramun
77 internat big rig/tanker
South=81 GMC FMC pumper

1 Chief
1 Asst Chief
2 Captins
None Known LT's
My dept has 3 engines, 1 tower ladder, 1 rescue/field comm unit, 1 foam unit and 3 rescue boats.
Vol. Department and Explorer post
Current Trucks

A E-One Peterbuilt Pumper (NP-12)

A E-one Custom Cab Pumper (NP-11)

A freitliner tanker 1500 gal (NP-20)

A Crown Vic Car (NP-40)

I only remember two old trucks we used to own. I don't remember the details.

A American Lafrance Telesquirt (NP-13)

A Chevy Truck (NP-30)

1 Chief
1 Asst. Chief
I think 2 Captains
1 LT

1 Explorer Chief
1 Explorer Asst. Chief (ME)
1 Explorer Captain
2 Explorer fire fighters
Taylorsvlle NC

2 Kenworth Pumpers 2001 & 2002
1 Custom Cab E-one 1993
1 85 foot tower 1986
2 Tanker/ pumpers 1980s?
1 Chevy Brush Truck
1 Plymoth crew Van 2000?
1939 Antique Fire Truck GMC
Pretty good for a town of less than 2000

Bowie MD
station 43
2 Seagrave pumpers
1 Mack 95 foot ladder
1 Brush truck 80s model
Mason Fire Department

1 Chief
1 Asst. Chief
3 Captains
3 Lieutenants
10 Firefighters

E-1 1250 gpm Pumper with 1000 gal water onboard
Tanker-1 2000 gal 300 gpm pump
Tanker-2 1800 gal 250 gpm portable pump soon to be replaced with new 1250 gpm
pumper/tanker with 1800 gal water on board
Heavy Rescue
Super Pumper 1500 gpm pump driven by its own 540 CI engine and mounted on a short
wheel base truck and uses at water points to fill tankers

We are a volunteer department that operates out of two fire halls covering approximately 110 square miles with a population of approximately 1200
Well for Oxbow it is beg ,borrow and well help your self
2 old airforce pumper
one tanker bought new that took forever to pay off
one rescue
30 members half may show up and the other half who knows
we live on $16, 000 the rest made up from fundraisers
we run over a 100 calls a year give or take
Our building is a old cheese
plant built in the 1960's
Over all we are a very proud dept


2- engines
1 - tractor-drawn 100' aerial ladder
1 - BLS ambulance
over 6,500 calls per year
I am fortunate to be a member of a large department. We have:
14 Fire Stations
14 Front line Engines
14 Tankers
Over 300 Personnel
10 Quick Response Vehicles (I think, maybe more)
2 Boats (Again, maybe more)
2 Large Mobile Command Vehicles
2 Rescue Squads

Special Teams:
Federal Wildland Team
Federal Urban Search & Rescue Team
Dive Team
Bike Team (for our local trails)
Hazardous Materials Team

I am not sure on the total number of calls for all stations. I know our busiest station alone had over 3,000 calls last year.

Because of our size I have not been to every station. These numbers maybe slightly low. You can check out our website at www.bcfdmo.com.

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