what is your volunteer department like? What type of equipment do you use? How many trucks do you have? Anything, share it

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two tankers two engines one ladder truck two pick ups one ford one chevy the chevy has 300 gal of water and EMS equipment on it. we run about 100 fire calls and first responder to about 400 EMS calls.
below is our website
Caledon Fire and Rescue Service.
Fire Chief
Deputy Fire Chief
Chief Fire Prevention Officer
Public Education Officer
Training Officer
2 Administrative Assistants
2 Full Time Captains
8 Full Time Firefighters
228 Volunteer Firefighters

10 – Pumpers
1 - Pumper/Aerial
8 - Pumper Squads
6 - Pumper Tankers
3 - Water Tankers
1 - Command/ Lighting Unit

There are 9 fire stations strategically placed throughout the Town of Caledon, protecting a total area of 270 square miles. Each station services an 8 – 14 km area. In addition, the Town provides fire services to a portion of the County of Dufferin, protecting an 50 square miles.

Our station, 307 Snellgrove, ran 222 calls last year, Our station runs a pumper, a squad and a pumper tanker, (420 pump with 2000 gallons of water). I am not to sure what the total for the town is, but it is somewhere around the 2,500 mark
shelton fire dept in conn. we cover 32 square miles
one chief
6 asst.chiefs
4 capt.
8 LT.
4 rescue pumpers all sames
1 tower ladder
2 rear mount
1 engine tanker
1 tanker
1 brush truck
2 ultily trucks
2 boats
1 gater john deer
2 light rescue
6 class a pumpers

225 volunteer memmbers
Has approx 85 sq miles/Have Interstate 80, thousands of cars/trucks daily

ALL TRUCKS ARE WHITE/Love the white fire trucks/our motto: OUR TOYS ARE WHITE!
1-92' Chevy SMEAL pumper with 500 gal tank
1-99' GMC SMEAL tanker/2500 GAL/with front mounted water gun/
1-08' Chevy SMEAL Equipment truck/since most of our members are Farmers and go directly to scene, we carry ALL of our Bunker gear on one truck/ carrys our JAWS, airbags, etc/also has 1,025 gal tank on it
1-03' Ford 4-door. Made into a Grass rig/foam truck/has CAFS system/200 gal water tank
1-00' Chevy 4-door Medical truck

Run around 100 calls a year/more medical than fire
Have about 17 members now/max members=25
Well i belong to two different Departments, one is fire and the other is EMS & Rescue
The fire Dept has two engines and a light rescue the EMS has two ambulances an a Heavy rescue
Fire Dept.
Ferrera pumper 2007 1000 gal tank and carries 1000 ft 5 in 250 ft 3in and 2 cross lays of 1 3/4 of 200 ft each
Stuphen pumper 1994 same as above
Marion rescue misc equipment and light rescue tools along with light tower

EMS / Rescue
2006 American Lafrance Ambulance on a freightliner M2 chassis
1999 Marque type III on a Ford E450
1995 RD Murray Rescue FL 60 crew cab with 20ft walk around 25 Kw pto generator 30ft 9000 watt light tower and a full complement of rescue tools ( Hurst ) and also its certified by New York State as a EMS Response Vehicle .
2- Brush Trucks
2- Water Tenders
1- Structure Engine
1 brush
1 Cj7

28 vols
aprox 20 square miles
1 each chief, assistant, and deputy
2 Captains
2 Lt's
2 Safety officers
8 Fire Police( with their own capt and lt)

Trucks: All white(except brush truck)
2003 KME Rescue (certified to pa dept of health advanced rescue and basic qrs)
2003 KME 100' Ladder with 2000gpm and 400 galloons of water
2003 KME ENgine with 2250gpm and 1000 gallons of water, 30 gallons of foam
2008 GMC 3500 carries all equipment for traffic control and hauls tech trailer
1998 Chevy Tahoe certified to pa dept of health basic qrs
2000 Ford Explorer command unit with spare radios, building plans/preplans and ICS forms
2004 28' tech rescue trailer equipped for building collapse, trench,rope and confined space rescue
1963 Willys Jeep with 100 gallon tank and 250 feet of forestry hose

2007 call volume

282 fire and 150 medical

40 Volunteers running from 1 station averageing 8 to a call and under 8 minutes from dispatch to first unit on scene
2 stations
2 engines - 1 Darley/GMC, 1 KME/International (both 1250gpm)
2 tenders - 1 White tractor trailer (milk bottle), 1 Rosenbauer/International (500gpm) (both 4000 gal)
2 brush/first responder- both Ford F150 homebuilts w/ 325gal, Darley port pumps
1 Chief officer
2 Asst Chief
4 Capt
1 Safety / Training officer

Approx 80 square miles.

$65,000 a year

2- Staions

E-31 1995 Ford E-One Pumper 1250 GPM Pump 1000 Gallon Tank. 4 Cairns SCBA, 6 Spare Air Bottles, 3 1 3/4 inch attack lines, 1 1 3/4 inch smooth bore attack line, 1 2 1/2 inch master stream attack line, 1100 feet of 3 inch supply line, fixed or portable monitor/deck gun. Carries basic firefighting equipment, Phoenix extrication tools, Bullard Thermal Imaging Camera, PPV fan, MSA CO Detector. Responds 1st out on all Fire and Rescue calls from Station 2.

E-32 1989 E-One Custom Pumper 1500 GPM Pump 1000 Gallon Tank. 6 Cairns SCBA, 10 spare air bottles, 3 1 3/4 attack lines, 1 3/4 smooth bore attack line, 1 2 1/2 inch master stream attack line, 50 foot 1 3/4 attack line in front bumper, 1100 feet of 3 inch supply line, fixed or removable deck gun/monitor. Carries all basic firefighting equipment, MSA CO Detector, MSA Three Gas Detector, Bullard Thermal Imaging Camera, PPV Fan, Portable foam pack, On-Board Generator with portable and fixed scene lighting. This vehicle responds 1st out from Station 1 on all Structure fires and other large fires and responds 2nd out on all rescue calls.

Tanker 37 1975 GMC Tanker 1650 Gallon Tank and a gas powered pump and a 2000 gallon portable dump tank. This vehicle responds from Station 1 on all fires and is the department's primary mutual aid tanker for tanker support.

Tanker 33 1981 GMC Tanker 2000 Gallon Tank, PTO driven pump with pump and roll capabilities, 1 1 3/4 inch attack line and a 2500 gallon portable dump tank. This vehicle responds out of Station 2 on all fires and mutual aid calls for tanker support.

Tanker 34 1968 Chevy Tanker 1200 Gallon Tank, PTO driven pump with pump and roll capabilities, carries a 2000 gallon portable dump tank. This vehicle responds from Station 2 on fires and is also 1st out from Station 2 on all grass and field fires due to its small size and pump and roll capabilities.

Rescue 35 2000 Ford F-350 Light Rescue 300 Gallon Tank with 10 Gallon Foam Cell equipped with a 1 3/4 attack line, 100' 1 inch booster reel, 4 Cairns SCBA, BLS Medical Kit, Automated External Defibrillator, Res Q Tek extrication tools, Stokes basket, Small Haz-Mat spill supplies and a brush guard mounted Warn Winch. This vehicle responds from Station 1 on all ambulance assists, vehicle accidents, rescue calls and is also used as the department's primary grass truck on field fires and grass fires

Battalion 30 2001 Ford Expedition Command Vehicle equipped with first response medical equipment, VHF, UHF and 800 MHz radio, 1 Cairn's SCBA. Responds to all calls with the officer in charge.

Retired E-1 1950 International Howe this apparatus was built in nearby Anderson at the since closed Howe Fire Apparatus company. This was the departments first new fire engine delivered to the department in 1951 when the department was founded. This engine had been sold and just recently purchased back by the department to be used in parades. The hose bed has been modified by replacin
Vernon fire dept, connecticut

We run about 3000 medical calls a year and 500 fire calls for the year,

We operate out of six staions we have 5 engines, 2 heavy rescues, and two towers. We also have three ambulances.

Www. vernonfire.com

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