There are 2 types of firefighters in this world, REAL firefighters and OUT-STANDING firefighters.

REAL firefighters show up to help out at the scene

OUT-STANDING firefighters show up and are OUT STANDING AROUND while the REAL firefighters do all the work

REAL firefighters do the job because they care about the community and love the job

OUT-STANDING firefighters do the job because they think the chicks dig it

REAL firefighters show up at a moments notice to ANY call because they know someone needs help

OUT-STANDING firefighters are OUT STANDING AROUND at the station drinking beer while the REAL firefighters are helping Mrs Smith who fell down the stairs again but knows she can rely on the fire department for help

REAL firefighters dont expect anything in return, although a simple thank you is all they usually like more than anything else

OUT-STANDING firefighters expect people to owe them for doing the job, and to them and thank you isnt good enough

REAL firefighters know the value of new equipment and treat it better than their own stuff

OUT-STANDING firefighters always think that it can just be replaced and dont take care of apparatus or gear

REAL firefighters take their classes so they dont get injured and can do the job well

OUT-STANDING firefighters dont need classes cuz what good are they anyway, theyre OUT STANDING AROUND

REAL firefighters are the true heroes of America but will never admit to it

OUT-STANDING firefighters run around telling people they are heroes and make ALL firefighters look the same because every department has both of these type of firefighters

Make what you want of this, repost this if you are a REAL firefighter.

If youre and OUT-STANDING firefighter, you make me sick, take the job seriously and put some effort into your department, your REAL firefighters can still save you from looking like an idiot in the eyes of your brother firefighters and the public eye

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What, one discussion AND one blog on this subject aren't enough???
There are good blogs.
And there are outstanding blogs.
This one really stands the rain.
this was posted on the forum a few days ago. whats with the repeat?
read the whole asks for a repost.
Oh... OK. Just like the chain letters that people mail hither and yon on the internet...

Sorry; 18,000 re-posts of the same thread ain't gonna cut it here. And, many of us are, in fact, real firefighters - just in case you were wondering.
I'm with Joe......Bye
If you think Joe's sarcasm meter needs to be checked for this, you had better buckle your helmet strap and hang on. He is one of the snarkiest men in the Nation.
I think you're talking about my snarkasm meter... I sent it out for calibration.
Hey I get what you’re saying but I’m not thrilled with the use of the word outstanding in this context.

Call them law jockeys, smoke shepherds, ticks, knife and forkers or just about anything else. Outstanding just doesn’t fit.

The phrase “Outstanding” is the motto of FDNY Rescue Company 1. I can guarantee that you would never find a member of that company anywhere else but inside getting it done.
I hear what you're saying, but I think this post needs to be taken in the conetxt it's meant in.

It's not questioning FDNY or anyone else except the seat warmers that so many departments have (And I'm sure even FDNY would have a couple of them...)
The common nickname for these guys is the Blister Bunch; they only show up after the work is all done. And they are irritating, but that goes without saying.

As far as Tom and Joe- knowing both of you and knowing both of your sarcasm meters are doing just fine (right there along with mine), it appears we have that unusual event when two sarcastic comments are made and one thinks the other is serious.

Group hugs, back to business. 18k reposts of this not necessary. Vote: Aye. Opposed. None opposed, moving on.
Can we light a fire and sing songs and toast marshmallows? Please?

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