Can someone please tell me why is this still happening???


When will this sink in?



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Maybe it will stop when LODD benefits are denied in situations like this.
No kidding... You would think that being a fire fighter you would know the dangers of not wearing your seat belt.
You know that is a pretty darn good idea.
You know what I am thinking.... Maybe there should be a class that simulates car accidents when you speed, or you are not wearing your seatbelts... Just how devestating it can be. You know a very graphic class.... maybe then it might sink in.

It makes me mad when I read something like this. It takes two seconds at the most to buckle up....
It's happening because human is stupid. A few years ago, I was at a fire school in Belgium. A few weeks before, a fire truck with Belgium FF has had an accident. One FF died and other were seriouly injured.
The students at my firefighting course were talking about that, saying of course that "we need more budget" (the Top Hit song in the fire service) when I stopped them and ask "While taking the ambulance for EMS, who here use his seat belt?" I was the only one to have my hand up.

And here, we talk only of seat belt. If we talk quality of firefighting...

Accident? For the other of course. Not for me.

I'm sure I must have mentioned something about younger FF's responding in POVs and the like? I'm sure I discussed such issues before. My bet is we will see another lights on POV thread or another how "old" must you be to respond before we see the reality of situationa like this sink in.

Maybe it will stop when LODD benefits are denied in situations like this.

Jay, I agree and been mentioning stuff like this for awhile. Yet, there is the Catch 22 involved, but really some things need to be reviewed, such as the LODD last year or so when some young FF's were racing and were killed. It was a LODD because they were coming from training.....yeah some things shouldn't qualify as a LODD and the definitions should be reviewed.
I absolutely agree with you on this.
I thought the younger generation suffered from a sever case of meism.
Maybe it should be done.... This is your car, this is you, this is what you would like like at high impact if you did not wear your seat belt.
I'm speechless. What I'm thinking would be viewed as insensitive by some of those who knew this young firefighter, so I'll just say, "Rest in peace, young man."
Maybe there are times when we need to be insenstive. Maybe we need to be blunt to get these things through to peoples head that they need to be wearing their seatbelts. My condolances to his family and to his department, but this could have been avoided.
Vehicle doesn't move until all are belted, dept. vehicle or my vehicle. Michigan State Law. Enough said. While I do have to say it is up to us, the veterans of the fire service to lead the younger, newer members in the proper direction and techniques of what we do day in and day out. We must set the example and show them that it's the right thing to do. If they see us slack, they will too. Remember, someone is always watching.

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