Can someone please tell me why is this still happening???


When will this sink in?



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If you are seen without a seatbelt... or speeding...

First Offense - SUSPENDED 30 DAYS...

Second Offense - SUSPENDED 6 MONTHS...

the "like" button is pressed.
Show my age time. As a young FF I was taught the importance of PPE. An example given was of a FF being denied workers comp because his burn injuries happened while he was not wearing his PPEs.
What gets me is almost 50% of the LODD each year are going to or from. Approx. 50 ff's each year needlessly die due to a cusae we have complete control over. That is UNEXCUSEABLE!
So well put....
holy bleep! Now that is just to high of a number.
Honestly? Probably not until we as a service take a hard look at ourselves, decide that the way we truly honor our dead is by using them as an example to prevent futures LODDs and we make a truly honest effort to educate ourselves when we die doing stupid stuff instead of the all to often hand wringing and circling of the wagons we tend to do.
Wow! How is that a good Idea? punish the families of the moron? How about you punish them while their alive when you see them driving like maniacs. Suspend them; take their lights away; boot them
How is the department supposed to know that he was driving without his seatbelt? In Oregon, no seatbelt means he is at fault.
nicely put.
True and it was a good thing he was cited.

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