I jumped into the fire service 17 years ago during a flood. I've been on my department for 14 years and they threw me off. What can I do? Here's the facts: We were on a 10-50 with a fatality, there was two departments arrived on scene. Two vehicles with two victoms each. I was a Captain/EMT and have no extrication training. When I arrived one of the firefighters from my department that was already on scene told me there was already several responders assisting patients and he needed my help starting the extrication. I let him know I had no training but to tell me what he needed, so I laid out the tarp and he left the area. At that point one of the Responders who was first on scene hollered for me to relieve him as he had no turnout gear on and they were ready to cut the door to get his patient out, so I took over C-spine and as soon as the door was off I directed the crew who was with me to backboard and we loaded the board straight to the waiting chopper as this was the most seriously injured on scene. I then assisted with another patient applying a traction splint. When we loaded that victom I walked around the side of the ambulance and my Chief was standing there and told me to get off the scene and drop my gear at the station. He said I was off the department for refusing to follow a direct order and saying I wasn't trained in extrication. I was never allowed to defend myself or told exactly why I was being booted. Since then I have been threatened to be taken to court to hand over records that don't exist and even have threats of physical violence. What can I do I don't want out but my best ex-best friend of 20 years and the person who got me in the service is the one who betrayed me. I can't go back to that department as all possible trust is gone. So what are my options??

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Sorry, but I've been offline a couple of days. The department is 100% volunteer. They started 1st Responder service 4 years ago and the extrication less than a year ago. The responders took of well with 3 EMT's and 7 Responders. The department sent 2 men to the State extrication class and they have given six classes. 4 of the classes was while I was working at my job so I couldn't attend, the first class I got to they put me in the back of the car holding c-spine on the volunteer patient, the other class my job was to set up mock patients and monitor the responders pulling them out. I told the 2 that were teaching that I needed to be put where I could learn to use the equipment, but it never happened. The firefighter that accused me of not following his orders also tried about a year and a half ago to make accusations to get me removed but that time it didn't work. I am going to get a lawyer, I don't want back on that department as I no longer think I could trust my life in they're hands. But I want to get the problems fixed before someone gets hurt, they may have abandoned me but I won't them. I have since I first posted have a couple of options that may have opened up, the town I'm living in is paid per run and they are trying to get me on their department. There's also a department a couple of towns away that may be getting shut down and I'm working on a proposal to atain that contract if they do. Gotta go, be back online in a couple of days.
Wow...This sounds weird brother, no offense...please bear with me here.

1st- In any state training, everyone is supposed to participate and learn the evolutions. I find it weird that you attended a course and did not get trained? Did they assume that since you are a Captain that you already had the training?

2nd- If the guy who "Ordered" you around at the call was just a firefighter who already had a grudge against you, why were you, a CAPTAIN, listening to him? You should have reported immediately to a Chief what was happening, but it happened and its too late now, but I was just curious why you took orders from a firefighter?

3rd- No dept can just say "Bye Bye" without proper channels being followed. I would contact your State Fire Coordinators in your County and ask them to intervene and be a moderator for this dispute. It seems as if some personal issues were brought into dept business and they need to be sorted out by a neutral party. If you dont have County Fire Coordinators than ask your Mayor, or Village Board, or an officer that was not involved with this incident, either way get that lawyer ASAP!!! You have been wronged here by them not giving you a chance to speak your mind and defend yourself.

4th- Were you a "Fire" Captain, or "EMS" Captain? Did you respond on an ambulance that day or on a fire truck? Did anyone witness this event and approach you afterwords to say "What Just Happened?" if so attain their services as witnesses.

Please let us know what happens with all of this and try to give us some more info as to the events that day so we can better understand whats going on and try to help you.

Good Luck
It happens more than you think just released from one myself . A mayor , who happens to be a friend of mine , asked for some info on starting a fire department .The new department will take some property from three departments , the one i am on , the one i am released from and one more . I found some stuff and let him have it. After about two weeks the city voted to start their fire department . In one week i was released for repeated rule infractions and the fact that i did not live in the district . When i asked for my file for the infractions i was told that there was not any they were in his head . Sogs state that all infractions will be recorded and put in a file with a verbal warning . I also asked for records of the fire department under the same foi act and have not received them yet (3 weeks). When questioned more the chief admitted that i was released because i did not come and tell him what the mayor was doing . I live six miles out of district but work in district and had the ok to leave work for calls . I made around 74% of the calls and maybe 23 by myself in 07 , 77% and 21 in 06 .
Why would you want to go back......or even give them the satisfaction of being part of "that team", If you truely believe you are not in anyway at fault.....get a lawyer....and any evidence they have must be shared between both parties....prior to court.....but understand.....taking these measures, nobody wins....someone always loses money, time, friends.....and in the long run...you'll see it's not worth it.....direct your efforts elsewhere.....be the bigger person!
1st - My ex-chief assumes that being there is fully trained and if thats what he wants the department to do then he thinks everyone will follow blindly. "He currently has a recruit with no training and no certification fighting structures "(INSIDE)"

2nd - I didn't follow his orders that's why I was kicked off, that and saying that I wasn't trained.

3rd - I'm trying to get the state to do something but they are moving at a snails pace. We have nothing in this county strong enough to do anything.

4th - Fire Captain

Finally, I don't want to return to a department where I could get hurt or worse. I want justice for myself and maybe help the ones still there trying to make a difference. Thats why I stayed on, because every little thing I accomplished made it better and safer for friends and brothers.

The options I put in my last reply are looking pretty good, looks like I'm going to get on the town. And I'm putting together a proposal for the town that may be getting shut down. The second is the one I want most because as Chief of that department I will be equal to the Chief of my former department and may be able to do more to help.
Well, good luck Ray, I hope things work out well for you.
How could ANYONE get 17 months into the fire service let alone 17 years and not have some sort of extrication training??? A Captain who can't use his own equipment is more of a business manager.

As for firing you on the spot, poor leadership skills. There is a process that should have been followed.Thank God I live in California.. Firefighter Bill of Rights.

Good Luck. Sounds like an uphill battle
Too bad for the people you serve

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