I was just on Fire Engineering's web site and the had a poll question;

"Does your department train firefighters on emergency doffing procedures for bunker gear which has become super-heated or is burning?"

I answered the qustion "no" and found that 91% of the persons answering the question, answered no. That is a very good point and potentialy a good training drill, does anyone have the "proper procedures" for emergency doffing??

I'm sure everyone knows how to doff their bunker gear, but what about if it is on fire or super-heated?

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If your bunker gear is on fire...Stop, Drop and Roll! As for you gear being super-heated, if you're on the hose team, communicate to the FF on the tip and have them spray you. Not sure if this is what you're looking for.
We do practice donning/doffing drills at training although we do not totally practice the speed factor in doffing. It does make sense and thanks for pointing out the fact we can train further on it. Having a hoseline available is nice, but 95% of the time, the hoselines are going to be inside.
good point,,,i am gonna bring this up to my chief..see what she has to say on the subject..we train on getting geared up but never have on getting gear off..
Um.... thanks for the comment, But I am actualy looking for SOP/ Training type information, Typicaly your mask is the first item to come off, I would have to think that you would want it to be one of the last items off if you on fire, so you are not inhaling toxic fumes? mayday call, if you know your on fire? that type of information is what I am looking for
Thanks for the comments, If any one has more information please feel free to add a comment.
Well the big question that i see with this is, are you in the hot zone, (ie. fire floor) if so all SOP and training information that i can find and what my department uses, you never doff your ppe in the hot zone. your ppe was made to protect you from that kind of thing and if you where to doff your gear then you would be putting your self in more danger then it is worth. i hope this helps let me know and maybe i can help find the right answer if this is not what you are looking for
Thanks for the comment, I hope no one would doff in a hot zone, I am looking for procedures on what exactly to do if for some unforseen reason your bunker gear catches fire and you must doff it, What is the safest, quickest way to get to a safe area and get it off without further risk of injury to yourself or others.
bump....more pertinent than word games

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