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I am a paid-on-call firefighter in the great state of Michigan. As such I passed the point where I was a probationary firefighter some time ago and have had the right to equip my POV with lights and a siren. I have mounted my siren box and my siren a while ago and slapped a magnet mounted halogen mini light on the roof of my trailblazer and I have been happy with this setup until now.

I am in the market for a new full-sized lightbar for my vehicle but I am putting this posting out there to get an idea of what has worked best for other firefighters. I have looked in the archieves for videos of people's personal lightbars on their POVs but have not found many. Is there anyone out there that has a suggestion and or a small video of your lightbar.

I know i want to go LED and I am placing wizzy-wags in the head lights and strobes in my tail lights so i will have a good mixture of lighting for different weather conditions but would appreciate any suggestions you, my fellow firefighters, might have. Thanks!

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Hmmmm...sound slike a "whacker" in the making....the lights could cost more than your vehicle....LOL Just having a little fun......LOL...Good luck............Paul
i would not go with a light that is all led , for a few reasons 1- with something like that on the roof of your car you are a target for people to have issues with the way you drive to fires and also when not going to fires. 2- if you need to go out of state you might have to take it off or cover it with out of service sheilds, and with led once you buy it in that color thats it it will always be that color. check the local laws for what is allowed too. ( i.e connecticut is allowed blue , but newhampise is red , and so is mass, this being a problem if like me you ski and go int o these states.) if iwas going to spend the money i would go all led but in side or hiden not visable from a distants. but if you need help on puting a setup together , drop me a line and i will see what i can do. also i would use whalen products only the best in the market . good luck

I completely agree with you about going with LED lights. Theyre very reliable and very very bright. Have you ever considered with going with a whelen talon? I have a jeep grand cherokee with a single talon behind the rear view mirror and a double talon on the dash, both red and white split. You would get the same amount of warning power as you would with a full sized lightbar, but it would be way less invasive and more undercover. A great thing about them is that the LEDs on them are clear when turned off, so it isnt apparent right away as to what color they are. You might want to go with that path, considering your putting strobes in the back, because you'll find yourself happier down the road when you can more easily switch lights to another vehicle. My suggestion; A dual talon on the dash and an Able 2 Mini lightbar from sirennet.com. Theyre also LED, but look very slick. Thanks for listening

I would go with a mini light bar........full size light bars on POVs only look descent on a full size truck, and even that's rare. Otherwise it looks like mega over kill and does imply whackerism.........with LEDs you'll have no problem being visible with a mini light bar. I have a Whelen Edge strobe mini bar and head light wig-wags and I have no problems getting people to move.
It depends on the type of vehicle you have. The most simple thing you can do with lighting is get 2 multi pattern dash lights, wire them to a single switch and that is the power of a LED lightbar plus. If you wanted you could always throw an extra one in your rear window. Cheap, but dont screw up the wiring or you vehicle will never run again lol.

As for me i have a Whelen Vector Tri-Pod Blu/blu/blu halogen and that sucker is more than enough light day and night but like you and many others have said, LEDs are definately the way to go and wiring like i said earlier 3 dashes into 1 light sounds intimidating but its honestly not that bad. Hope it helps!
i also agree with you. on going all led. i have a wheelen led dash light and in my grille and strobe in my head lights and a shoe me 3 strobe light bar and i have never had a problem with traffic day or night.
i like the new slither led from strobe light king . i am a distributer for them . so let me know we have a few diffrent lights inside and out and surface mounts. let me know if i can help you TeJay .
Yes defiently go all LED's....i had the old fashion rotater on the dash to start. That was already but can be blinding on the dash. You have a Trailblazer....A full size light bar would give u plenty of warning lights. But your going to have one ugly POV. If you must go with a lightbar on top, you should go with a mini light bar out there that is all LED. But if you are willing to spend that much money for a Fullsize light bar. I highly suggest a fullsize light bar INSIDE the cab....it mounts up in your windshield.....VERY afffective! Also strobes for your tail lights are very affective and cheap. It ALL depends on how much you wanna spend. I have several lights on my grill and in my windshield along with the LED strobes in the Tail lights....I will get a video of it on here shortly. If you got any question feel free to get back with me....i set up POV for a side job! GOOD LUCK
in maine your VERY limited with what you can have, however i have found that a dual talon and tir3's in the grill are bright enough day or night to catch peoples eyes in the rearview mirrior. and as a bonus if you leave all your led's on at a structure fire your batt. but be SURE to check local laws first. Maine is a HORRIBLE state for vol. ff's!!!
Looking for a Whelen Liberty edge LED light bar and a great price, for my 2001 crown vic. NO BLUE. Any ideas on where

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