my department is trying to decide on which air packs to buy. we got a good size grant that will cover the cost to equip all our trucks with new scba's but we are trying to decide which ones to get. we have a choice between msa's, isi's, and the new scotts. we have scotts now and plenty of bottles. im thinking of getting scotts so we can save money on bottles by using old ones and using left over money to use on pub eds in our community.
what do you use and what do you like about them?

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we switched from msa to scott when we got our grant the only thing I would have added is some communication device with the mask. the old masks worked with the newer regulators but you could not view the heads up on the regulator. also have had problems with which batteries last the longest otherwise they are great
Go with Scott. We use the NXG II. Your old bottles will not be compatable on these packs. Also consider what your neighbors have. Buddy breathing systems/bottle compatability could be a concern.
we recently(2 weeks ago) got the new scott. this was a big change from msa! i myself have not gotten to use them yet b/c i am out on medical leave however when we were in the process of deciding which packs to get we had the manufacturers come to a live burn training with test packs. my favorite was the new msa. the part i liked the best was the way the regulator hooked in to the orientation...any angle it just clicks right in. they are lighter and have a padded lumbar suppport which is comfortable but could prove difficult to wash.
Here in DRTX we have scotts. They have some of the best saftey fetures built into them at no extra cost.
we have scott to and we using alot of batteries we called our dealer and they had to do an upgrade to the electronics in the harness itself. it has cut down on the battery usauge you might want to call your service people and check into it.
thank you, i have talken alot of those things into consideration also. public education is my main priority these days because of the growing numbers of house fires in our area. again thank you for your input!
we did get the upgradw and also switched to duracell they seem to be working
we got our RIT setup from scott and we got adapters for the msa and other brand to be set with our neighbors
We use scott 2.2 i beleive.I think those are the best yet.
hey we were using MSA but we got a grant to get new ones and went with the scotts and they seem to be better because we can use our msa bottles with the new scotts, and the mask vibartes so you know who it is instead of a bell, they just seem to be an all around better choice. If i were you i would for sure stay away from isi because a dept over here has them and they had a few that the air valve got stuck on and they had to send them out west to get fixed because that was the only dealer that could fix them. also with the new scotts it seems that they regulator is better and will stay on where as the other ones you can put on any old way. I could tell you more about are and how they work if you want to just ask but in my point of view scotts the way to go and if not then msa.
hello there! here in our country we seldom use SCBA when on call only if necessary its not a standard procedure here... we have msa, scott, dragger scba's...
after using both msa and scott i would say msa's are pretty good. i love the scott 4500 psi, but beware if your neighbors dont use them and cant fill them. personally i think scott 2.2 is the way to go

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